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Painted Planters

Designer: Corinne Bradd
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Re-purpose tired steamer pots into a gardener’s dream

What you need...
  • POSCA paint pens
    Spray paint
    Spray sealant
    Old steamer pots
    Cardboard box
    Tin can
  1. 1. To create a spray-painting booth, turn a cardboard box onto its side, and place an empty tin can inside it. Position the steamer on top of the can and shake the primer spray for a minute to mix it. Ensure the room is well ventilated and cover the steamer with an even coat. Leave to dry.

    2. Repeat the spraying process with the matt spray paint, applying two thin coats. Leave five minutes between the coats, as this will prevent one thick layer which could be prone to run. Set aside to dry.

    3. Using a soft pencil, sketch a symmetrical floral design onto the front of the steamer. Fill in the design with the paint pens, adding swirls and dots to bulk out the pattern as needed. Once the paint has dried, coat the finished piece with a spray sealant.

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