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Mobius Apron

Designer: Corinne Bradd
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Look chic in the kitchen with this stylish accessory

What you need...
  • 1.5m x 115cm wide fabric (2m if a definite directional pattern)
    1.5m plain white cotton
    Fat quarter of coordinating fabric for pockets
    Size: Our template will fit sizes 10-18
  1. 1. Copy the template provided on the pattern pages onto a large sheet of paper. Cut out and pin against yourself to check the sizing and adjust as necessary. When happy, cut one front piece and mirrored back pieces from plain white cotton. Sew the darts in the front piece before joining the back pieces to each side of the front, leaving a 10cm gap in one side seam. Pin the back shoulders to the opposite front shoulders so the fabric crosses at the back and try on again to check the fit.

    2. Cut one front and mirrored back pieces from patterned fabric, stitch the darts and sew the pieces together in the same way as the lining, but without leaving a gap in the side seam. Place the two aprons right sides together and stitch all around the edges, leaving the tops of each shoulder open. Turn the apron out through the gap in the side seam and press well, especially around the neckline and armholes.

    3. Fold in 1cm at the top of each front shoulder end. Take the right-hand back shoulder end and slip inside the left-hand front shoulder end. While holding this join with one hand, slip the other hand inside the side seam gap and up the front shoulder section. Grab the join from the inside and pull out through the gap, straighten the join if necessary and sew across the ends with a 1cm seam allowance.

    4. Pull the shoulder back out of the apron and repeat for the other side. Topstitch around all the edges of the apron to neaten and close the side seam gap by folding in the raw edges and slipstitching closed.

    5. Cut mirrored pockets from both patterned fabric and lining. Sew each pair right sides together around the edges, leaving a 5cm gap in the bottom edge. Clip the corners and curves and turn out. Press well, folding in the raw edges of the gap as you do so, and topstitch along the curved edges only. Pin each pocket to the front of the apron, lining them up to the side seams and ensuring they are the same distance from the hem. Topstitch in place around the remaining sides, closing the turning gaps as you do so.

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