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Create a set of mini quilled bunnies in time for Easter!

What you need...
  • Quilling papers: 3mm, fawn, orange, beech brown; 5mm, robin brown, lime green; 10mm, lime green; scraps, pastel pink, white
  • Adhesives
  • Scissors
  1. Bunnies - Body: Roll five fawn strips into a tight coil and dome to 2cm high. Coat the inside with glue.

    Head: Roll and dome three strips as for the face, then repeat with a less pointed coil and stick together. Glue a strip around the middle, over the join.

    Arms: Roll two coils from 45cm strips.

    Ears: Join an 11cm pastel pink strip to an 11cm fawn one. Starting with pink, roll into a coil and pinch into ear shapes.

    Nose: Roll a 2mm pink strip 5.5cm long into a coil, then pinch into a heart.

    Whiskers: Make some cuts in a 2mm white strip, then spread out and glue to the face.

  2. Flower Pots - Join ten robin brown strips, end to end. Secure around a lipstick or similar, then roll tightly and glue. Gently pull the coil out to 3.5cm tall. Coat the inside with glue and allow to dry. Stick one and a half strips around the top for the rim. Tightly coil 12 strips of beech brown and glue inside the rim.

  3. Lettuce Bunny - Assemble a head and body. Add ears, nose, whiskers and arms. Draw on eyes. Make each lettuce from an 11cm strip of 3mm lime green. Roll into a tight coil, then dome and glue. Using 10mm strips, cut an uneven, curvy line along the length. Fix a strip around the coil, glue to secure and peel back the ‘leaves’.

  4. Carrot Bunny - To make the carrots, roll 15cm orange strips into tight coils, leaving a hole in the centre for foliage. Dome and glue the insides. Fringe a 10mm lime trip, roll around and down a quilling tool, then glue and remove. Roll feet from 30cm strips, and make ankles from 22.5cm tight coils. Assemble as shown. Make the tail with fringing, 5mm x 7.5cm.

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