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Leaf Notebooks

Designer: Sarah Beaman
crafts, painting, papercraft, stencilling,

Spray paint over real leaves onto paper to create this set of mini notebooks

What you need...
  • Leaves, pressed: fern, hawthorn
  • Paint, spray: green, dusty pink, orange
  • Adhesive, spray
  • Papers, Green at Heart, Basic Grey
  • Paper clips, decorative
  • Notebooks
  • Card, medium-weight
  • Scissors, scallop-edged
  1. Lightly spray pressed leaves with adhesive and arrange them on panels of coloured paper, 8cm x 15cm. Cover them with contrasting shades of
    spray paints, removing the leaves while it is still slightly wet. Leave to dry, then trim the papers into panels, 7.5cm x 14cm. Glue the leaf patterned
    papers to the fronts of the notebooks, so that even borders are visible at the top, right-hand side and lower edges.

  2. Trim co-ordinating patterned papers, 2cm x 14cm, and glue the patterned strips down the front of the notebook covers, adjacent to the leaf patterned panels. Conceal the join by applying a border sticker from the sheet. Cover the back of the notebook with a panel of the same paper. Finish with a decorative paper clip to mark the pages of each book.

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