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Kitten Papercraft Makes

Designer: Cathie Shuttleworth
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What you need...
  • Paper: patterned, pink, green; stock, pink, green
  • Flowers, paper, white
  • Paint, relief, white
  • Chalk: green, pink
  • Craft eyes
  • Buttons, pink
  • Foam pads, 3-D
  1. Kitten Frame - 1 Print our downloadable cat illustration onto green paper and cut out. Top the tummy and tail with contrasting papers, trimming away any excess
    with scissors.

    2 Add two small white flowers with pink button centres. Buff pink chalk over an embossed floral paper frame. Cut green dots with a hole punch and glue to the frame for added detail.

    3 Back the frame with deep pink paper and attach the cat using 3-D foam pads. Glue a small loop of ribbon to the back of the frame for hanging.

  2. Greeting Card - 1 Make a side-opening green card faced with pink spotted paper.Attach a strip of deep pink paper to the centre. Print and cut out the downloadable cat illustration.

    2 Use chalks and paper offcuts to decorate the motif. Glue the tails behind the body before attaching the design to the face of the card.

    3 Secure white paper flowers topped with small pink buttons to the design. Add a message at the foot of the card and finish with dots of white relief paint for extra detail.

  3. Gift Boxes - 1 Transfer the downloadable box template font to pink and green spotted paper, cut out and score, then fold all the dotted lines. Glue and stick the tabs accordingly.

    2 Print the downloadable cat illustrations onto pink and green papers. Glue offcuts of contrasting paper to the body and tail, before cutting around the outside edge.

    3 Glue the tail to the back of the cat, adding a 3-D foam pad at the point the tip of the tail overlaps the body.Fix craft eyes and a nose into place. Secure the front facet of the box, then attach the body.

    4 Add a strip of paper for a handle, then decorate with white paper flowers, using foam pads to fix them. Top each flower with a small button. Use dots of white paint to further the design and chalks to give the cat rosy cheeks.

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