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Jammy Treats

Designer: Cathie Shuttleworth
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Create a fun, bright set that’s perfect for jazzing up your afternoon tea party

What you need...
  • Card, various colours
  • Posca Pens, various colours
  • Embellishments: buttons; gems
  • Polystyrene ball
  • Cocktail sticks
  • Adhesives
  1. Table Decoration - 1 Cut a polystyrene ball in half, then colour it in using a pink Posca Pen. Draw and cut out various flowers and leaves from a mix of blue, green and pink papers. Make a pink jam jar shape, then stick two green leaves and a flower with a stem to the back of it. Cut a slit into the polystyrene ball using a craft knife and add the jar.

    2 Colour cocktail sticks green. Attach leaves and flowers to the sticks using glue, then push them into the ball. Attach a strip of decorated paper around the edge of the ball. Draw and cut out green and yellow caterpillars motifs, then fix them along the strip to finish.

  2. Jam Jar Card - 1 Cut out jam jars from coloured papers and draw onto them using white and orange pens. Make flowers, leaves and stems in a range of colours, then attach them behind the jars. Stick the jars to a top-folding orange blank as shown.

    2 Stamp or print out ‘Happy Birthday’ onto cream, blue and green papers, then draw around each letter and cut out each one into squares. Glue them to the bottom of the card.

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