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Box up your Soap Kitchen offerings in stunning packaging

  1. Pink Floral Box - 1 For the Snow soap kit, choose double-sided patterned paper and cut a 16cm x 27cm rectangle – this becomes the inside drawer of the box. On the two longer edges, score a line 4cm in from each edge and fold in towards the centre to form the box sides. From the same sheet of paper, cut two 4cm x 11cm rectangles. Score two lines 1.5cm in from the two shorter edges. Decide which design is going to become the inside and the outside of the box drawer.

    2 Punch a 2.5mm circle from the same paper. Make a small hole in the centres of this circle and one of the smaller end rectangles using the hole-punch from the eyelet kit. Place the circle on the outside of the rectangle, then insert an eyelet through both layers. Use the tool from the kit and a hammer to secure the eyelet in place. Thread a loop of ribbon through from the back of the eyelet and knot the ends to form the drawer handle.

    3 Stick double-sided tape to the two scored 1.5cm areas on the outside of the rectangle and spotty crafting tape on one edge of the inner side. Adhere the end flaps to the shorter sides of the larger rectangle between the scored lines. Bend the end flaps up and stick them to the inside of the scored 4cm flaps to create a box shape.

    4 Trim a 27.5cm x 30.5cm rectangle from contrasting paper. On the inside of the rectangle from one of the short edges, score a line 8cm from the edge. Repeat 4cm from the last line, then 8cm and finally 4cm. Fold along all the scored lines. The last flap becomes the top of the box – cut both the corners off at equal angles. Punch a 2.5cm circle from patterned paper and make a hole in the centre of this, plus the middle of the last top flap. Secure an eyelet to connect the circle to the flap.

    5 Place the drawer box onto the outer sleeve and wrap the scored card around it. The first part should cover the top of the drawer then wrap right around, finishing with the last flap with the circle attached to it. Loop a long length of ribbon around and under the eyelet circle on the flap, then wrap the ends right around the box and back underneath the circle, tying in a knot. Cut a 6cm circle from patterned paper and make a small hole towards one side to form a gift tag. Thread ribbon through the hole and tie the ends in a bow next to the eyelet circle.

  2. Rich Blue Box - The dimensions of the Noel soap set are similar to the Snow set and the gift box is made up in the same way. The inner drawer box dimensions are 16cm x 25cm, the end flaps are the same and the outer sleeve measurements are 25.5cm x 30.5cm; the scored lines stay the same.

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