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  1. Thank You - Matt a panel of pale pink card, 9cm square, to the centre of a blank, 12cm square. Pop out nine small flowers, eight pink and one white. Secure onto a square on the pink panel with foam pads, making sure the white flower goes last. Stamp ‘thank you’ in the lower-right corner.

  2. Hello There - Take a pale green blank, 8cm x 12cm. Place two berry/leaf motifs stem to stem centrally near the top, then add a flower to the centre. Stamp a sentiment below and finish with a blue pearl.

  3. Overlap Your Flowers - Layer a square purple panel over a top-fold card blank. Die-cut a stitched border around white card, then layer a heart embossed sheet of card over. Attach the flowers one by one, overlapping each slightly as shown, then secure a bow to the stem of the middle flower. Add a sentiment to the top to finish.

  4. Special Friend - Cover a side-fold blank, 10.5cm x 14.5cm, with slightly smaller turquoise card. Stick a large blue flower and two smaller pink ones in the bottom-left corner, along with a green and a turquoise leaf sprig. Attach the 'Special Friend' sentiment to the top-right and add some pearls around the flowers.

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