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Decorate your home this spring with these purple floral makes

What you need...
  • Basket, wooden
  • Card, lilac, purple
  • Hearts, wooden
  • Eggs, wooden
  • Paints, acrylic, lilac, pistachio, panna cotta, brown, black, purple metallic, Marabu
  • Polystyrene ring, 16cm
  • Paper flowers
  • Ribbon, satin, lilac, 15mm, moss green, 7mm
  1. Easter Wreath - 1 Pin the end of lilac ribbon in a polystyrene ring. Wind the ribbon around the ring so it’s completely covered, then pin the end of the ribbon and trim
    neatly. Tie a lilac bow and pin to cover the ends of the trimmed ribbon.

    2 Space and adhere arrangements of purple, cream and lilac flowers between the top purple flower and bow on each side of the ring. Secure loops of green ribbon beneath the flower arrangements, adding to the decoration by pinning short pieces of green ribbon opposite the loops.

  2. Card - 1 Trim a lilac blank, 15cm square, and cut a 9.5cm diameter circle from the centre. Trim a ring from purple card, 9cm diameter, on the inside and 10.5cm on the outside. Use spots of glue to fix the ring on the blank. Paint one side of a wooden heart purple, leave to dry, then paint the other side.

    2 Place the blank on your work surface with the fold at the top. Thread the heart with green ribbon, then glue the ends at the top of the ring and trim neatly. Tie a couple of bows and glue them one on top of the other to cover the trimmed ends. Glue alternate large cream and small lilac flowers round the ring.

  3. Egg Basket - 1 Paint the basket green. Leave to dry, then apply a second coat to give a good finish. Paint the handle, top and base of the basket in panna cotta. Trace a heart onto the front, back and sides of the basket, as shown. Paint the hearts using panna cotta. Paint three wooden eggs in shades of purple and lilac and leave to dry.

    2 Glue the end of green ribbon at the base of the handle, then wrap around the handle to give a striped effect, as shown. Glue the ribbon at the opposite end of the handle and trim the ends neatly. Use a glue gun to fix the painted eggs down the front of the handle then adhere paper flowers and a bow tied from green ribbon above the eggs.

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