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Turn vintage whimsy into the perfect Mother’s Day gift using Sharon Bennett’s dainty artwork

What you need...
  • uni-POSCA PENS: 3M, pink, light pink, apple green, orange; 1MR metallics, green, pink, blue, red; 1MR, white, pink
    China jug, white
    Letters, MDF
    Tea-light holder
  1. Flower Print - 1 Wipe over the items to be decorated with a clean dry cloth. Take a light orange or pink pen and draw a circle onto your surface. Using a water barrel or paintbrush dipped into water, work around the edge of the circle picking up the colour; this will make a smooth rounded shape and create a wash the width of the circle.

    2 Draw on leaves with a green pen. Using the template downloads as a guide, create a pencil line on the surface. Fill in the petals with bright colours
    and use green for the leaves.

  2. Petal Curl - 1 Trace the shape: simply draw in soft pencil over reverse side of the image then position and re-draw on the correct side. When it is removed it’ll leave an outline.

    2 Colour the petals around the curl in pink and orange. Fill in with a wash of colour, then add detail with the fine nibbed pens, once dry. Apply metallic highlights with the green and red pens.

    3 Decorate a china jug with a strip or panel of pink; here the colour has been applied using a pen then dabbed off whilst wet with a clean tissue. Over this distressed effect, apply a pattern of white dots.

  3. Greeting Card - Any of our motifs are suitable for use on cards and can be traced directly onto the surface. Alternatively, work on scraps, cut out the motif, then position on the front using foam pads for height.

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