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Revisit the memories of days on the road with this map-themed notebook and pen

What you need...
  • Polymer clay, Fimo Soft, white
    Clay blank, Fimo, fountain pen
    Keyring fob
    Adhesive, Sculpey, Bake Bond
    Paper, Lazertran, transfer; decorative
    Cord, leather
    Paper, decorative
    Cutters, round, 0.5cm, 1cm, 3.5cm
  1. Fountain Pen - 1 Scan and print a map onto the shiny side of transfer paper. Condition white clay and roll out into a flat sheet, 1.5cm thick and 8cm x 14cm across. Trim the map so it is slightly smaller than the clay, then place the image on top, face-down. Use the back of a teaspoon to rub gently over the back of the design.

    2 Leave to set for 30 minutes, then place the clay in a shallow tray of water and wobble until the backing paper slides off. Place the motif onto kitchen paper and leave until touch dry, preferably overnight. Take the pen apart and cut the transfer clay into a rectangle, using the dimensions supplied in the pen’s packaging.

    3 Carefully lift the clay onto the pen barrel and roll it over a ceramic tile, trim the ends to meet, then roll again until the join is seamless. Cover the remaining barrel of the pen in the same way and bake for 18 minutes at 110°C. Once the pieces are cool, reassemble the pen.

  2. Notebook - 1 Make up a sheet of clay map transfer as for the pen project and leave for an hour to dry. Cut out a car shape from the clay, plus three 1cm discs and two 0.5cm rounds. Cut two 0.5cm circles from black clay, then bake for 18 minutes at 110°C and leave to cool.

    2 Cover the front and back of the notebook with textured buff paper, then trim blue, 10.5cm x 13cm, and stick to the front. Photocopy a map onto plain paper, then trim to 10cm x 12cm and stick on top of the blue paper. Copy the map motif onto red paper and trim to 8.5cm x 11cm, then stick to the plain map print.

    3 Trim map paper, 5cm x 13cm, and stick to the bottom of the notebook. Cut blue, 3cm x 11.5cm, and adhere to the map. Adhere red paper, 2.5cm x 11cm, to the map. Glue the clay motifs to the front of the notebook, then the black circles to the wheels of the car.

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