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Keep your favourite recipes safe in an embroidered fabric book

What you need...
  • Fabric: gingham, red; spotty, green; calico, lightweight; red, neutral, brown, green, blue; apple-themed
    Wadding, scraps
    Card, white
    Machine threads, assorted colours
    Adhesives: PVA glue, glue-stick, acid-free
    Interfacing, iron-on
    Pen, fabric, water soluble
    Paper, cartridge, thin
  1. Cut green spot fabric, 21cm x 34cm. Using the templates, cut out the apple pieces and layer together using an glue-stick. Back with iron-on interfacing to prevent fraying. Fold the material in half and place the apple in the middle.

  2. Secure with glue and machine or hand stitch in place, adding the apple details. Using the neutral fabric and the picture as a guide, cut two arched rectangles, turn under the raw edges and sew them above and below the apple. Hand or machine stitch the words, ‘Delicious’ and ‘Recipes’, then press with an iron.

  3. Lay red gingham fabric, 25cm x 38cm, wrong side up, and place wadding, 21cm x 34cm, on top, followed by the book front with the apple, as shown. Pin in place and carefully turn the sides of the gingham over onto the front to seal the raw edges.

  4. To make the inside pages, apply iron-on interfacing to one side of two pieces of lightweight calico, each 19cm x 31cm. On the first page, use a water soluble fabric pen to mark lines, 1.5cm apart. Machine stitch over them in pale turquoise thread, and dab with a damp tissue to remove the pen. Press with an iron.

  5. Machine stitch the recipe words on the lines then press again and set aside. On the other interfaced piece, write the recipe title and add a design as shown. Press with an iron. Place both pages right sides together and stitch, 1cm in all the way around, leaving an opening. Turn, stitch up the opening and press. Lay the finished page inside the cover and stitch down the middle.

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