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Make your morning routine a more glamorous affair with this pretty egg cosy

What you need...
  • Fabric: Flower Sugar, pink, Lecien; gingham; spots; red; pink
  • Wadding, cotton
  • Thread: pink, red, green
  • Sewing kit
  • Sewing machine
  • Embroidery foot
  • Iron
  1. Trim an individual rose motif. Cut two rectangles of spotty fabric, 14cm x 16cm, and two panels of identical wadding. Layer one piece of fabric and wadding together, with the motif centrally on top. Stitch the rose to the spotty background, following the outline and changing the thread colour to match the fabric.

  2. To make the hanging loop, cut a piece of co-ordinating fabric, 5cm x 7cm. Fold in the two long edges, then again in half lengthways to form a narrow strip. Press with an iron. Sew down both long edges, backstitching at each end.

  3. Use the template provided to cut an egg cosy shape from the front section, then pin the back fabric and wadding together. Sandwich the front and back sections right sides together. The folded loop should hang down inside between them, with the raw edges matched at the top.

  4. Sew around the curved edge of the cosy, catching the loop as you go. Trim any excess fabric and wadding, then turn the cosy the right way out.
    To make the lining, cut two matching cosy shapes from coordinating fabric, making them 2.5cm longer than the template. Stitch with right sides
    together, leaving the bottom open.

  5. Turn the lining back 1cm on the wrong side and press. Stitch twice around the bottom edge, keeping the rest of the fabric away from the needle.
    Insert the lining into the outer cosy, then back again to form a 1.5cm trim on the outside. Using matching thread, hand stitch the lining to the cosy around the bottom.

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