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Cupcake Bunting

Designer: Jenny Arnott
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Jazz up your home or garden this summer with pretty cupcake bunting

What you need...
  • Fabric: plain, assorted colours, 20cm x 100cm; gingham, 20cm x 100cm, pink; scraps, patterned
    Iron-on interfacing, medium weight
    Cotton twill tape, 25mm, 2.5 metres
    Ricrac, pink
    Sewing machine
    Sewing kit
  1. Iron interfacing onto the reverse of your fabrics. Cut a flag template out of card using the pattern provided, then draw around it onto the back of your fabrics. Cut as many flags as you need from plain coloured fabric, as well as an equal number from pink gingham for the back of the bunting.

  2. Cut out one of the following for each flag: cupcake, case, icing and cherry. Arrange a cupcake on the centre of each of your front flag pieces as shown, mixing colours and patterns. Using contrasting thread, machine-stitch them all in place. Snip pieces of pink ricrac to size and stitch along the top of each of the cupcake cases.

  3. Pin the front and back flag pieces right sides together, matching the edges. Machine stitch up and down the two long sides, then turn each flag right side out. Press with an iron on a medium heat and trim the top of each flag to neaten.

  4. Fold the cotton twill tape in half so that it is just as long, but half as wide. Press with a hot iron to keep the crease in place. Position each completed flag between the folded tape and pin in place, leaving equal gaps between each one. Sew all the way along the tape to secure the flags, making sure to catch both sides of the tape, and both the front and back pieces of each flag as you go. Fold the ends of the tape under to neaten and slip stitch.

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