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Mix cross-stitch techniques with pretty prints to create this sewing essential

What you need...
  • Fabric: linen, 28 count, antique white; white; prints, various; Aida, 14 count, white
  • Thread, stranded
  • Buttons: bird; flower; plain
  • Ribbon, gingham
  • Toy stuffing
  • Card, white
  • Stamps, alphabet
  • Ink-pad, magenta
  • Tape, double-sided
  • Tapestry needle, size 26

  • Seam allowance: Add 1cm to all measurements
  1. Cottage Pincushion - 1 Using the chart provided, cross-stitch a pink cottage onto antique white linen over two threads of fabric with two strands of cotton thread. Use one strand for the back stitch. Once complete, press the work carefully. Pin and tack to the centre of plain white fabric, 12cm square.

    2 Cut four strips of fabric: pink spotted, 3cm x 9.5cm; blue floral, 3cm x 8cm; green floral, 2cm x 9cm; and pink floral, 2.5cm x 9cm. Arrange the strips around the cross-stitch using our image as a guide. Pin and tack the border in place, then machine or hand sew a quilt stitch along the inner edge.

    3 Place the patchwork and backing fabric, 12cm square, right sides together. Sew them together, leaving a gap for turning at the bottom. Turn out and press, then fill with toy stuffing and stitch the gap closed.

    4 Sew flower and bird buttons onto the cross-stitch. Print the word ‘SEW’ onto a small piece of green fabric in magenta using alphabet stamps, then stitch it to the top right-hand corner of the pincushion. Secure a plain white button above.

  2. Matching Tag - 1 Follow the chart for the blue cottage and flowers, working over one block of Aida with two strands of cotton for the cross-stitch and one strand for the back stitch.

    2 Cut the design out, three holes away from the stitching at the top and bottom and two holes away from the sides. Back the design with white card using double-sided tape. Punch a hole in the top-right corner and tie gingham ribbon through.

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