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Create packaging to present gifts in, including bags, parcels and acetate boxes, made from eco-friendly waxed paper and fabric

What you need...
  • Beeswax pellets
    Greaseproof paper
    Patterned paper
    Cotton fabric
    Coloured card
    Acetate sheet
    Metal screw-eye
    Washi tape
    Organza ribbon, assorted
  1. FANCY BOXES - 1 Measure your chosen soap bar and add twice the depth of it plus 4cm to both dimensions. Trim paper to this size and score each side at 2cm, then the chosen depth, to leave the original size of the bar in the centre of the sheet.

    2 Clip the intersections and fold along the score line. Use the tabs at the intersections to create a perfectly fitting tray and fold down the excess, 2cm on the outside, to strengthen the edges. Add extra decoration to the box with panels Whipping up soaps and bath bombs is much easier than you might think, thanks to The Soap Kitchen's range of products and kits. To really make it special, Corinne Bradd has created a gorgeous selection of packaging to present your gifts in, including drawstring bags, parcels and acetate boxes, made from eco-friendly waxed paper and fabric. of paper, coloured card, or lengths of washi tape.

    3 Cut clear acetate 4cm larger each way than the original bar measurement. Score each side 2cm in from the edge. Mitre the corners and fold along the score lines gently to avoid snapping the plastic. Remove the protective film and slip the cover into the top of the box. Decorate with organza ribbon tied around the box or use a needle and thread to stitch ribbon into loops, gathering them to make a rosette and trimming with a crystal bead.

  2. TREE ORNAMENT - Carefully insert a metal screw eye into the top of a dove-shaped soap. Thread organza ribbon through the eye and knot, trimming the ends of the ribbon and singeing carefully with a small flame to prevent fraying. Tie other lengths of co-ordinating ribbon around the loop at the top of the eye, finishing them in a neat bow.

  3. DRAWSTRING BAGS - 1 Wax printed cotton, 12cm x 28cm, and trim the sides with pinking shears. Finger press a 5mm hem on both long edges before folding over 1cm on each short edge and stitching to make a channel. Unfold the rest of the hem.

    2 Fold the fabric in half, right sides together, and sew down each side from channel to fold. Turn out and push out the corners fully. Use a bodkin or small safety pin to thread ribbon through the channels. Knot the ends of the ribbon and trim to prevent fraying.

  4. PAPER PARCELS - 1 Wax a 15cm square of patterned paper on both sides. Measure your chosen bar of soap and sketch out the shape diagonally in the centre of the paper. Score and fold the sheet along the dimension lines. Fold again 2cm-3cm outside of these lines to accommodate the thickness of the bar.

    2 Crease the intersections of the folds diagonally in the opposite direction. Lay the soap in the centre of the paper, fold in both sides before folding in the bottom and top, and secure with tightly tied ribbon.

  5. WAXED FABRIC OR PAPER - 1 Lay a sheet of patterned paper or cotton fabric onto a flat metal baking tray, then sprinkle beeswax pellets onto the surface. Place greaseproof paper on top and iron gently over it to melt the wax into the material.

    2 Flip the patterned paper or fabric over and repeat to coat the other side, remembering to place the greaseproof paper back on top first. Blot any excess from your sheet by placing a second piece on top and ironing. Add more wax pellets as and when necessary.

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