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Use floristry skills to create a quirky colander centrepiece this Christmas

What you need...
  • Leaves, assorted
  • Berries
  • Wire, florist
  • Decorative stars
  • Ribbon, gingham
  • Candle, church
  • Colander
  • Foam, florist
  • Scissors
  • Knife
  • Tape, florist
  1. Place florist foam inside a colander and insert a church candle into it, using a knife to create an opening. Place various leaves around the outside of the foam in a decorative way, using scissors to achieve a variety of heights and tape to secure. Pierce a few sprigs into the foam.

  2. Add wintry berries amongst the leaves, followed by a gingham ribbon bow. Slot two silver stars into the foam, then simple place the colander into the centre of your table and light the candle! Add a little water every couple of days to keep it fresh.

This project comes courtesy of iflorist, who arrange local flower delivery anywhere in the country within just a matter of hours. For more information, visit [url=][/url]

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