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Transform treasured seashells into a boho set!

What you need...
  • Flat seashells, medium x 1, large x 1
  • Synthetic turquoise round beads, 8mm x 7
  • Natural 3mm wide flat suede cord
  • Plain wooden bangles
  • Assorted seashells
  • Synthetic turquoise round beads, 8mm
  • Flat suede cord, 3mm, blue, 5mm, natural
  • Suede cord, 2mm, natural
  • Acrylic paint, turquoise, white, beige
  • Hobby drill and drill bits
  • Glue gun
  • Cutting mat or wooden block
  1. Necklace - 1. Select a flat medium-sized shell and mark a point on the back near the top with a pencil. Place the shell onto a cutting mat or spare block of wood. Fit a drill bit into a hobby tool and place the end against the pencil mark. Start the tool, slowly at first to enable the bit to make a recess in the shell's surface.

    2. Once there is no risk of the bit slipping out of the recess, the speed can be increased. Keep drilling until the end of the bit passes through the shell. Check every few seconds to see how much further you need to drill and avoid pressing down too hard on the shell as it may break. Once all the way through, allow to cool. Repeat for a larger flat shell.

    3. Secure the large shell in the middle of a 72cm length of narrow natural suede with a lark's head knot. String an 8mm turquoise bead onto each cord, then pass them both through the medium shell and apply a drop of glue to hold in place. Thread both ends through a turquoise bead, then separate and add two more beads onto each strand. To secure the necklace, tie it around the neck.

  2. Bangles - 1. Paint a wooden bangle turquoise and allow to dry. Drill pairs of holes, 1cm apart at five point around the bangle. Weave a wide strip of suede around the bangle, gluing to secure. Adhere matching shells to cover the gaps.

    2. Alternatively, paint a bangle beige, then drill pairs of more widely spaced holes all the way around. Weave narrow turquoise suede cord through and tie in a bow, slipping an 8mm turquoise bead onto each end.

  3. Ring - To create a matching ring, glue an assortment of shells and beads onto flat pad ring blanks.

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