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Baking Friends

Designer: Carolyn Letten
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What you need...
  • Cotton fabric, various colours and prints
  • Co-ordinating thread
  • Card, white
  • Interfacing
  • Wadding
  • Picture frame
  • Embellishments: ribbon, buttons, wooden star
  • Adhesives
  1. Framed Picture - 1 Trim a rectangle from aqua print fabric, 18cm x 21cm, and back it with interfacing. Repeat for cherry fabric, 6.5cm x 14.5cm, then pin onto the aqua so the bottom raw edges match. Stitch across using white thread, then iron on the reverse.

    2 Using the templates, cut a blue bowl, yellow star, brown spoon and red whisk handle from fabric. Arrange as shown, pin and stitch inside the edge of the bowl using white thread. Trace the bowl detail onto tissue paper, place on the fabric and sew before tearing away. Repeat for the star, spoon and whisk. Iron on the reverse.

    3 Trace the words ‘Star Baker’ from the template onto tissue. Pin in place, checking it will sit correctly within the frame. Machine or hand stitch along the writing twice using navy thread, then tear the tissue away. Sew again using red thread, then iron on the reverse.

    4 To mount the picture, cut white card to the size of the frame aperture and place behind the fabric. Fold the material over onto the back, pull taut and secure with fabric glue. Place in the frame and seal.

    5 Cover a tiny wooden star with glitter glue, secure it to the middle of the yellow fabric star using a dot of adhesive, and allow to dry.

  2. Oven Mitt - 1 Using the larger mitt template, cut one on the fold from aqua print for the outer fabric, red floral for the inside, and wadding for the filling. For the pockets, use the smaller template to cut two linings from aqua print, two fronts from cherry and two wadding pieces.

    2 Place one small wadding piece flat, with a pocket front on top, right side up. Lay a pocket lining over this, wrong side up. Pin across the top curve and sew a 5mm seam, then trim to allow the fabric to give on the curve. Turn out, press and top stitch. Repeat for second pocket.

    3 Lay the large wadding piece flat, with the aqua fabric right side up over it, the two pockets wrong sides up at either end, then the red lining on top, wrong side up. Pin together, and tuck a 14cm loop of ribbon in the middle with the raw ends sticking out.

    4 Allowing for a 5mm seam, sew all the way around, leaving a gap in the middle between the two pockets. Turn the mitt out through the gap and close it by hand or with a machine.

  3. Gift Card - 1 Cover an A5 white card blank with yellow fabric using an acid-free adhesive, allowing an extra 1cm overlap on the spine for a neat finish, and leave to dry. Adhere a length of cherry print ribbon against the long edge, then set aside.

    2 Using the templates, cut a flour bag from blue fabric and milk bottle from spotty white. Affix both to card and stitch using navy thread on the flour and white on the bottle. Stick two white fabric strips to the flour, then a green bottle top, aqua label and red label to the bottle. Allow to dry.

    3 Trace the word 'Flour' from the template onto tissue, pin over the fabric, then stitch using white thread before tearing it away. Repeat for the milk using navy, then sew blue lines along the white fabric strips. Add a white decorative stitch, then do the same in navy for the milk label and in green for the bottle top. 4 Trim the milk and flour bag fabric shapes so no backing is visible. Using the picture as a guide, use foam pads to mount the shapes onto the yellow card. Stick two red heart buttons as shown.

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