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Work some animal magic on your decoupage projects with our safari-style creations

What you need...
  • Postage stamps
    Gold metal leaf, sheets
    Acrylic, gold size
    Paint, spray, acrylic, black
    Plate, glass
    Wood: coasters, box
    Glue, Decopatch
    Stamp catalogue page
    Sealing varnish
    Brush, soft mop
  1. Coasters - 1 Spray four wooden coasters black and allow to dry. Trim printed paper from an old stamp catalogue to fit the face of each coaster, rounding off the corners if necessary. Brush glue on the tops and attach the catalogue papers, pressing them down carefully and rolling over them with a brayer to ensure you get a smooth result.

    2 Position stamps on each coaster, arranging them carefully within the print as shown. Apply using the glue, then brush more over the surface of each one before allowing them to dry. Following the instructions on the pack, paint acrylic gold size around the edges, leaving them looking quite broken and rough. Set to one side, allowing it to stand for the time recommended so that the size can start to cure.

    3 When still sticky, carefully apply strips of gold leaf, pressing it into position. Gently brush away any excess with a soft mop brush. Add two coats of sealing varnish, completely covering the stamps and the gilded surfaces. Allow to dry thoroughly. Finally, add a couple of coats of sealing varnish to each one.

  2. Storage Box - 1 Spray a wooden box black and decorate it using old catalogue pages and stamps, as described for the coasters. Cover the box inside and out with sealing varnish. Apply self-adhesive rubber bumpers to each corner on the base of the box to complete.

  3. Glass Plate - 1 Apply glue to the face of a stamp and press it to the base of the glass plate. To avoid the design becoming one-way, repeat with more stamps, placing them in different directions and angles, leaving space between each.

    2 For a continuous look, allow some stamps to break across the edge of the plate, shaping and trimming off the excess paper as necessary. Add
    gold size to the base of the plate, across the glass and the backs of the stamps, then leave to dry until tacky.

    3 Apply gold metal leaf until the underside of the plate is covered. In this case, don’t worry about any small gaps that occur, as a slightly distressed
    finish will add to the effect.

    4 Press the leaf gently onto the surface, then brush away any excess using a soft mop brush. Leave it to cure overnight. Place the plate face down on a protected surface and spray it with a light coat of black acrylic paint, adding further coats as necessary in order to build up a denser colour.

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