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Mr Frosty will melt your heart with this warming selection of character makes!

There can never be too much seasonal joy at Christmas time, and these jolly snowmen are no exception. The fun little fellows are guaranteed to raise a smile, even on the chilliest of winter mornings! Whether you have a special card to send, trinket to wrap, or present that needs a finishing touch, this heart-warming project is just the thing. Once the circles are cut out, they are simple enough for children to embellish so you can get the whole family involved too! A woollen jumper or scarf that started life as soft knit fabric and ended up felted due to a fatal washing machine disaster can be given a new lease of life, creating a lovely fuzzy effect. We love the ice-cool shelf sitter; he’s sure to lift your mantel with his cute little face, while giving the room a burst of festive spirit!

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