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Thinking of you Card Making Verses

Thinking of you

I’m thinking of you, dear
At this very special time
Wishing you a Merry Christmas
With this card and simple rhyme

You may not see a lot of me
But please don’t ever doubt
Just how much I love you
So don’t be shy, give me a shout

I’m thinking of you
At this difficult time
And sending my love
Through this card and this rhyme

I’m thinking of you
At this special time
And what better way to tell you
Than a card and a rhyme

I’m sorry we haven’t spoken lately
So I thought I’d send this rhyme
To send my love and let you know
I think of you all the time

I’m sorry I’ve not been in touch
But I hope that with this rhyme
I’ll prove to you once and for all
That I think of you all of the time

I can’t believe it’s been so long
Since we last got together
Let’s catch up, but in the meantime
You’re my in my thoughts forever

Always in my thoughts
Forever in my heart
I’ll not stop thinking of you
For this time while we’re apart

Words cannot express
All you’re going through
Please know we’re sending love
And that we’re thinking of you

I know that I’m no Shakespeare
I’m certainly no bard
But I hope you like the sentiment
I’m thinking of you with this card

Just a little note
To say I’m thinking of you
You’re always on my mind
And I hope to see you soon

You’re the very best mum in the land
You made my childhood grand
Just to say thank you
To tell you I love you
And ask never stop holding my hand

Here’s a little greeting
It’s just a note to say
I’m always thinking of you
Each and every day

I’m sorry that times have have been tough
That life hasn’t been going your way
But please remember I’m here for you
Whatever the weather, whatever the day

Thinking of you

I’ve been thinking of you, dear
And I’m so sad you’ve moved away
So I’m sending you this card
Because thoughts of you brighten up my day

Please know that I am here for you
And thinking of you dearly
Whether you need a chat or a hug
Please call if you ever need me

Sometimes there is no reason
Sometimes there is no rhyme
But with this card I’d like to say
My thoughts are with you all the time

You’ve been on my mind a lot
And I know that things got hard
But I’m sending you my wishes
And a smile with this card