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Thanks Card Making Verses


Thank you to a very good teacher
You classes were never a bore
I’ll miss your class next year
But I look forward to learning more

Thank you to our bridesmaids
You were beautiful as always
Your help was so appreciated
On our happiest of all days

Without you I just don’t know
Where on earth I’d be
Thank you for all your help
And thanks for rescuing me

Although times have been tough
I really cannot thank you enough
You were always there to lend a hand
Now thanks to you everything’s grand

From the day I was born
You have always been there
Offering love and support
To show that you care

With each year that I’ve grown
You’ve been by my side
A companion in joy
And a nurse to my pride

You’re not just a mother
You’re also a friend
Someone to laugh with
On whom I depend

I would just like to say
As it’s been on my mind
Thank you for everything
You’re one of a kind

Happy Mother’s Day

You are my Mum, you are my maker
A stronger bond could never be
And yet I have a sneaky feeling
You don’t know what you mean to me

The best thing in my whole life
The best friend I could ever ask
Your love is unconditional
And in its warmth I like to bask

I may take you for granted
And for that I beg forgiveness
As your love and your friendship
Bring me untold happiness

Happy Mother’s Day
and thank you for everything!

Thank you for spoiling me
When I was a little girl
Thank you for showing me
The goodness in this world

Thank you for supporting me
Whenever times got hard
Thank you for teaching me
The love that’s in my heart

Happy Grandparent’s Day

Thank you for inviting us
To share in your special day
We couldn’t be more excited
Just try to keep us away!

We’re sending you this card
Just to say that we love you
To let you know we’re thankful
For everything you do

Cheers! I’ll drink to that
Good food with my good friends
Thanks for being in my life
With you the party never ends!

I can’t begin to thank you
For all the things you’ve done
So I’m sending you a card to show
I’m grateful and you’re number one

Sometimes all you need in life
Is a shoulder, a listening ear
So thank you for seeing in me
Someone who needed of you hear

Thanking you so much
For everything you do
I really do not know
Where’d I’d be without you

Thanks for all the gifts
We’d really like to say
We appreciate your kindness
On our very special day

Thank you for all your help
And for being by my side
Please know that I appreciate
The greatest friend you’d ever find

Thank you for everything
For all that you have done
Through this troublesome time
You’ve been my number one

Thank you for attending
Our very special day
It meant so much your being there
As we hope you’ll be always

Thank you for your kindness
Your gift really blew me away
Thanks for such a special thought
Towards my very special day

You’ve always been a friend to me
When no-one else was there
So here’s a special thank you
To show how much I care

Thank you for the presents
I don’t know how you knew
The perfect thing to make me smile
I guess that’s just what you do!

T is for thankful
for all the things you’ve done
H is for hugs
yours are second to none
A is for awesome
you are top of the pops!
N is for nattering
our chatter never stops
K is for kindness
you’re selfless through and through
S is for special
there’s no better friend than you

Thank you for being my friend

Thank you for the special gifts
So very kind and generous
Filled with such love and thought
Thanks to you, with love from us