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St Patrick’s Day Card Making Verses

St Patrick’s Day

I’m turning green tonight
But I am completely ok
No, I’m not feeling sick, silly
It’s a happy St Patrick’s day!

Going green doesn’t always feel good
But for one night you know it’s ok
We’re not feeling sick, not at all jealous
We’re just celebrating St Patrick’s Day!

Going green isn’t always so nice
But on one day in March it’s alright
I’m not sick and not at all jealous
I’m just ready to party all night!

Although St. Patrick lived
Long ago and far away
Let’s remember and celebrate
On this very merry day

On this day of celebrations
Sleep all day and party all night
Enjoy all the festivities
You are part Irish. Right…?

All the luck of the Irish
Plus a shamrock, too
Enjoy the celebrations
And the love we’re sending you

I’ve never seen a leprechaun
Or been to Ireland
But I had the luck of the Irish
When I found you to be my man

With love on St. Patrick’s Day!

Pick a four leaf clover
And buy a pint of beer
Enjoyed the whole world over
St Patrick’s Day is nearly here

May the luck of the Irish be with you
On St. Paddy’s and the whole year through

Sending you an Irish blessing
This year on St Patrick’s Day
May your day be blessed
With peace and joy, hooray

Wishing you lots of happiness
And good times on St. Paddy’s Day
Sending you our very best wishes
For today and for always

Ok, so we’re not Irish
No, we’re not even near
But let’s celebrate St Paddy’s
And I promise to buy you a beer!