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Sorry Card Making Verses


I’m sorry I have to leave
So fast I didn’t get to say bye
I really do miss you all
I hope sometime to be back to say hi

I’m sorry we haven’t spoken lately
So I thought I’d send this rhyme
To send my love and let you know
I think of you all the time

I’m sorry I’ve not been in touch
But I hope that with this rhyme
I’ll prove to you once and for all
That I think of you all of the time

Sorry to hear of your troubles
That you have had to part
Stay positive, look at the good
That can come from this fresh start

Sorry to hear it’s all over
Your divorce is going ahead
But look forward to a bright future
Without anyone hogging your bed

Sorry to hear it’s all over
Your divorce is going through
But look ahead to a bright future
One that’s tailor-made just for you

Sorry your skies have been grey
Lately you’ve seen so much rain
Know that we’ll always be here
To help you get through this pain

I’m sorry you lost your job
But I know you weren’t to blame
The company had to cut back
Now you can get back in the game

Maybe I shouldn’t have done it
Maybe I shouldn’t have rung
But without the chance to say sorry
In the air bad feeling would’ve hung

I hope that we can move on now
I hope you’ll still be my friend
Because I really am truly sorry
And I’ll stand by you till the end

Oops! I’m sorry I’m late
I never forget a date!
But I would like to say
Hope you had a great day
Think I owe you a present now, mate!

I’m sorry I couldn’t be there
When you really needed me
I felt so terrible about it
Please let me be here now I’m free

Please forgive me
It wasn’t my intention
I promise to shower you
With lots of attention

Sorry for all you’ve been through
It must have been terribly tough
Please do call us if you need us
For love, support and all that stuff

I’m sorry you lost your job
And it didn’t come at the best time
Let me know if I can be any help
For now I’ll send love in this rhyme

We’re sorry we can’t be there
To share in your celebrations
But even in our absence
We send warmest congratulations

May your party go amazingly
And a good time be had be all
We promise to be there next time
We hope that you will have a ball!

I don’t know what I did
I’m not sure why you’re not here
But please know that I’m sorry
You’re my friend, so very dear

I’m sorry that I hurt you
It wasn’t meant that way
I hope that you’ll forgive me
And that we’ll make it up one day

I’m sorry what people are saying
But I’m very sad that you don’t know
I’d never do anything to hurt you
These rumours have come as a blow

I don’t know where they’ve come from
But I truly didn’t do it
You are my very best friend
And I hope that we’ll get through it

I’m sorry I made you feel sad
If it helps now I feel really bad
I’d like to give you a hug
I know I was a mug
Your smile would make me very glad

I’m so very sorry
And I really do mean
I hope you’ll forgive me
And wipe the slate clean

It was just a slip of the tongue
And honestly nothing was meant
You know how tongue-tied I get
Your feelings I never wanted to dent

I know they’re just two little words
But I mean them straight from heart
I’m so so so so very sorry
And I hope this won’t tear us apart

I’m sorry that I missed you
I’m sorry that I let you down
I’m sorry that I spoilt your day
I’m sorry that I made you frown

I’m sorry I have to leave
So fast I didn’t get to say bye
I really do miss you all
I hope sometime to be back to say hi