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Retirement Card Making Verses


Sending retirement wishes
Just for you
With love, luck and fun
In all you do

Congratulations on retiring
You did it, you made it, hooray!
It’s your turn to kick back, relax
Make sure you enjoy every day

Now’s your time to relax
Enjoy what you love in life
Put your feet up or get fit
Without all the office strife!

Although we’ll be sad to see you go
We know you have earned your break
So it’s no time for us to feel woe

Have fun in retirement, enjoy yourself no end
But when you’re partying spare a thought
For your stressed-out work friends!

Sending retirement wishes
Just for you
With love, luck and fun
In all you do

Congrats on your retirement
You deserve it, you’ve worked hard
Enjoy lie-ins and your free time
On the golf course and at the bar

Congrats on your retirement
Please know we will miss you
There’ll be days we’ll look at your desk
And ask, what would (insert name) do?

Enjoy retirement to the fullest
Take each and every day
Do everything you dreamed of
Without work getting in the way

Congrats on your retirement
Relax and have some fun
Play golf or put your feet up
It’s time to look after number one!

You worked hard through good and bad
Solved problems everywhere
When someone needed a helping hand
You were always there
Your cups of tea; the best by miles,
No one else’s could compare

But now we have to say goodbye
And try not to lament
Because it’s time for us to say
‘Happy Retirement’!

A time to put your feet up
A time to have a rest
A time for you to enjoy yourself
And do the things you like the best!

Enjoy your retirement