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New Job Card Making Verses

New Job

We’re so pleased to hear the news
That you’ve been given the job
The future starts here and it’s bright
Like a new flame that’s lit on the hob

Today is your first day
And you’re going to be great
Just turn up looking smart
And make sure you’re not late

Today is your first day
Your first step toward great things
Wishing you luck for future
And the opportunities the job brings

Good luck in your new job

We hear you have a new job
Progressing well in your career
We’d love to hear all about it
So pop in whenever you’re near

Congrats on getting the job
I hope you feel terribly proud
Your first step into the real world
Into standing out from the crowd

Congratulations on getting the job
For successfully living the dream
If it’s everything you hope of it
You’ll be the cat who go the cream!

You aced all your exams
Got top marks all the way
Now you’ve landed your perfect job
So good luck on your first day

Congrats on your promotion
And good luck in your new job
Get used to giving orders
Learning to control the mob!

We know that you’ll do great
That you’ll blow everyone away
You’re clearly more than capable
So good luck on your first day!

Congrats on the new job
They’re not too easy to get
But you have some really top skills
So we knew you were a sure bet!

Congratulations on your new job
You must have aced the interview
They’re a very lucky company
To have an employee just like you

Congrats on your new job
We’re sure that you’ll do swell
Dazzle them with your winning smile
And how could you not do well!

Good luck in your new job
Although we’ll miss you here
Please keep us posted, stay in touch
Maybe catch up for a beer…?