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New Home Card Making Verses

New Home

Good luck in your new home
I know you’ll be very glad
To have your own quiet space
No house-mates driving you mad!

The boxes are all unpacked
But I can’t claim it’s terribly tidy
Nevertheless I’d like to invite
You round for a house-warming party

Today you move into your new house
Your very own new home
I know how much it means to you
To settle, no need to roam

The nesting bug has bitten
Now you’re setting down your roots
We’d be thrilled to attend your house-warming
So drink and fill your boots!

Congratulations on your new home!

Congrats on the big move
Sending you love and luck
Your first big challenge together
Clearing the past owner’s muck!

Well done on buying your house
We couldn’t be more pleased
How you’ve grown from our tiny baby
And into adult life you eased

Congrats on your new pad
We hope it’s really great
Your very own first home
I hoping for an invitation, mate!

Good luck in your new home
In your very own little nest
And with your artistic skills
It’ll soon be looking the best

Moving days are so much fun
A brand new life has just begun
Unpacking boxes throughout the night
Meals taken by candlelight
Soon to be settled in your new home
A lovely space of your very own

A handful of hope
A spoonful of laughter
A dusting of happiness
A happy ever after

Just some of the ingredients
For a joyful home
And of course, not forgetting
A little garden gnome!

Good luck in your new house

The search is finally over
You’ve found your new home
It’s perfect, even better
Than a palace in Rome!

Good luck in your new house

You’ve finally found your castle
A place to call your own
So here’s a wish for every happiness
In your gorgeous brand new home