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Mother’s Day Card Making Verses

Mother’s Day

Happy Mother’s Day
To you, my lovely mum
You never take a break
Never sit down on your bum!

Today’s your special day
And everything’s all about you
So please put your feet up
Let us do all that you do!

Happy Mother’s Day
To the very best mum in the world
To tell people you’re my mum
Makes me the very proudest girl!

From the day I was born
You have always been there
Offering love and support
To show that you care

With each year that I’ve grown
You’ve been by my side
A companion in joy
And a nurse to my pride

You’re not just a mother
You’re also a friend
Someone to laugh with
On whom I depend

I would just like to say
As it’s been on my mind
Thank you for everything
You’re one of a kind

Happy Mother’s Day

My Mummy is my icon
My idol and my star
I hope to be just like you
But how high you’ve set the bar!

Such a warm and loving person
Such a perfect, faithful Mum
It will be my proudest day
If I can do all that you’ve done

Happy Mother’s Day

You are my Mum, you are my maker
A stronger bond could never be
And yet I have a sneaky feeling
You don’t know what you mean to me

The best thing in my whole life
The best friend I could ever ask
Your love is unconditional
And in its warmth I like to bask

I may take you for granted
And for that I beg forgiveness
As your love and your friendship
Bring me untold happiness

Happy Mother’s Day
and thank you for everything!

You’re the very best mum in the land
You made my childhood grand
Just to say thank you
To tell you I love you
And ask never stop holding my hand

What is a mother?
A shelter from rain
Healing from pain,
Laughter through sadness
Her love never wanes

Strength in a storm
All the hope of dawn,
Loving arms that will always
Keep us all warm

A mother is you

We’re sending you this card
Just to say that we love you
Please know that we are thankful
For everything you do

Happy Mother’s Day

Mummy I can’t talk yet
So this is the only way
Grandma can help me wish you
A Happy First Mother’s Day!

I’m so glad you are my best friend
I know you’ll always be there
However badly my day ends
I know you always will care

I’m so glad you are my best friend
Through good times, bad and fun
I’m so glad our bond can’t be broken
I’m so glad you are my Mum

Happy Mother’s Day
to my number one!

Mum, you know I love you
Mum, you know I care
Mum, you know you reassure
Just knowing you’ll always be there

Mum, I may not thank you
For the little things you do
Mum, I just can’t thank you
Enough just for being you!

With love on Mother’s Day

Mummy, you’re my best friend
You are my confidant
I know I can tell you everything
What more could a daughter want!

Happy Mother’s Day

Mummy, we really love you
This card can’t say enough
How thankful we really are
For your love and all that stuff

Happy Mother’s Day

We hope today reminds you
How very special you are
Without everything you’ve done for us
We wouldn’t have got very far

We hope today reminds you
That you’re our number one
That your love, support and kindness
Makes you the world’s best mum!

Happy Mother’s Day
You really are the best
I hope you know I love you
And you’re way above the rest