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Halloween Card Making Verses


Have a Happy Halloween today
And if things go bump in the night
Bury your head under the covers
Or you might just get a fright!

Trick or treat this Halloween
The scariest costumes you’ve ever seen
With the living dead walking
And the witches a-stalking
It’s the spookiest place you’ve been!

Hubble bubble, toil and trouble
Witches brew and a spell for you…
“May your body shrink to the size of a flee
Unless on Halloween you kiss me!”

Witches and wizards
Ghosts and ghouls
They may not be costumes
So don’t be fooled

Are they all fake
Or are some of them real
On this one night
A chill you may feel

It runs on your back
Right down to your feet
So be careful tonight
Of who you might meet

Have a very spooky Halloween

With zombies it’s not a matter of if
But it’s more a matter of when
So instead of Halloween pranking
You’d be better off making a den!

Don’t get too spooked…!

Dinner’s in the cauldron
Frogs legs and eyes of newt
So get here on your broomstick
Or my curse will make you mute

Come to my Halloween party!

We love carving out our pumpkins
We love saying trick or treat
We love dressing up in costume
And scaring everyone we meet!

Happy Halloween!