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Graduation Card Making Verses


Well done in your exams
We knew that you’d do grand
And now just look at you
Our son / daughter the graduand

You’ve been working hard for years
And now it’s finally your day
It’s your high school graduation
We’re so proud today and always

Of all the things you’ve hoped for
Of all the things you’ve done
Of the the things you’ve worked at
This achievement’s number one!

Congratulations on your graduation
May the best be yet to come

Your nerves were ever so funny
Shaking as you walked out the door
But we never doubted you could do it
Even when your confidence hit the floor!

And here we are, the results are in
We’re happy your hard work paid off
But no matter how hard you deny it
Now your grades prove you are a boff

on passing your exams

You did it! Congrats! Hooray!
You’re graduating today!
Your grades were just great
It’s time to celebrate
We told you studying would pay!

Congrats your graduation
We’re so very proud of you
We wish you luck for the future
And in everything you do

You’ve passed all your exams
Your grades were out of this world
Now it’s your graduation
Outstanding, amazing, well deserved!

Congrats on your graduation