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goodbye teacher Card Making Verses

goodbye teacher

Thank you to a very good teacher
You classes were never a bore
I’ll miss your class next year
But I look forward to learning more

This card is a little thank you
For everything you’ve done
For sitting down and helping me
Through maths when I felt dumb

For teaching me the right way
Of spelling your and you’re
Your lessons were really fun
You taught me school is not a bore!

This card says thanks
To you just from me
For being the best teacher
There could ever be!

This card is to say thanks
For everything you’ve taught me
I loved being in your class
The best teacher, smart and funny!

To my teacher
Thanks for making learning fun
I’ll miss you next year because
Your class is number one!

You’re a brilliant teacher
And through this jam-packed year
I really feel I’ve learned enough
To start high school with no fear

Thank you my teacher
The best I ever had
For teaching me to spell
And for teaching me to add

To the only teacher
Who’s made me overlook
My favourite telly programme
And get my head stuck in a book!

Thanks for a great year

Thank you to my teacher
You’ve really been best
I think you were my favourite
Better than all the rest