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Good Luck Card Making Verses

Good Luck

Good luck for the year ahead
Best wishes in all that you do
We’re sure you’re bound to succeed
We have a good feeling about you

So you’re leaving us?
You’re really legging it?
Best of luck for the future
You lucky, lucky… chap!

We’ve watched you grow
From strength to strength,
And now it’s your time to fly
From the safety of our arms
But we promise not to cry

We’re sure you’ll have a great time
And make some life-long friends
And we will always be here
For laundry, meals and rest
Whenever term time ends!

Just don’t forget to study hard
When exams come around
And please believe us
When we say
Daughter you’ve done us proud

Good luck at university

You’ve been studying oh-so hard
It was difficult but you did it
You wanted to go out and party
But knew in the end it was worth it

Now exam time’s finally here
Don’t let nerves get the better of you
You’re prepared and we all believe
Do your best and you’ll come through

Good luck!

Wishing all the luck in the world
To our very special girl
Hold your nerve and smile through
It will be over in a whirl!

Have fun at university
But make sure you do some work
Sure, it’s meant to be fun
But just don’t go too berserk!

Good luck!
Bonne chance!
Enjoy your wedding day
And your first dance

Good luck in all that you do
It seems that you were born a winner
Your future is bright indeed
Maybe you’ll even be a pop singer!

Good luck for the coming year
The world really is at your feet
Grab every opportunity
Be thankful for the people you meet

Good luck, you can do it
Don’t even think twice
You know where you’re going
And the results will be nice

You’re starting life’s long journey
It all begins from here
Now everything is down to you
But there’s no need to fear

There’ll be trials and tribulations
And little ups and downs
But you’ll be so busy you will find
There’s no time for frowns

So take your time and have some fun
But study just as hard
Before you know it you will be
An honours graduand!

Good luck at university!

Take a deep breath, count to ten
Cross fingers, get spiritual zen
Whatever you choose
Make sure you don’t lose
Your head, you’re a champ among men

Good luck, you can do it!

I know you’re feeling nervous
But there really is no need
We know that you’ll be great
You’re very capable indeed

So hold your head up high
Wear your very best big smile
New things are often scary
But you’ll breeze through in style

You’re going travelling
Off to see the world
To learn, enjoy, be free
But while you’re gone
Off having fun
Please don’t forget your family

Let us know how you are
Where you are
And everything you do
And most of all
Don’t forget we all love you!

Good luck and enjoy your travels

You’re leaving home but have no fear
We’re your parents, we’re always here
Any trouble or strife
At any point in your life
You can count on us to be near

Good luck in your exams
We know that you can do it
Breathe deep and read the questions
And slowly you’ll plough through it

Don’t give in to nerves
For there really is no need
Remember how hard you’ve studied
And the results that’s sure to breed

Pick a four-leaf clover
Carry a rabbit’s foot
Cross all of your fingers
Even knock on wood

Superstitious charms not needed
As you prepare for your test
Our good thoughts will spur you on
To do your very best

Good luck!