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Get Well Card Making Verses

Get Well

I hope you’re feeling better
I hope you get well quick
Because one thing that we all know,
There’s no fun in feeling sick!

I’m sorry you’re under the weather
I wish there was anything I could do
To help you through these hard times
It’s so sad to see you blue

I hope your operation
Goes smoothly as can be
And that your stay in hospital
Will pass quite happily!

I’m sorry that you’re feeling ill
And want to let you know
I hope you’ll soon be fighting fit
And good to get set, go!

I’m sorry to hear that you’re unwell
That you’re feeling poorly and low
I hope with rest you can fight it
And that soon this bug will go

But if there’s anything I can do now
Please do give me a call
I can do your shopping or treat you
To chocolates, flowers and all

Get well soon!

Enough chicken soup to feed an army
Another grape and you’ll go barmy
You’ve had enough of daytime TV
Please, please don’t pass it to me!

You’re poorly, you’re unwell, you’re sick
Yet you’re still giving plenty of stick
We’re glad you’re not letting it beat you
But lay off the cheek now, please do

Let us spoil and take care of you
Make you smile when you’re feeling blue
Before long you’ll be back in good knick
Doing the things that make you tick

You’re laid up at home in bed
Itching to get back on your feet
We can’t say we’re very surprised
A chirpier fellow we never did meet

But why not enjoy the rest
Let the missus spoil you rotten
You’ll be back at work in no time
Don’t worry, you won’t be forgotten!

You’re my pumpkin
My baby, my ducky
And I hate to see you feel yucky

You’re my sweetie
My lovely, my chick
And I hope you get better quick

Being ill is rubbish
Being poorly is a pain
I hope you feel much better soon
Fit to play, come shine or rain

I heard you’re feeling paw-ly
I’m sorry you’re feeling ruff
I hope you’re getting some tlc
A purry hug is often enough!

I know you’ve got the sniffles
And you’re not feeling well
But here’s a hug and a wish to say
I hope you’ll soon be feeling swell

Being poorly is no fun
You spend the whole day in bed
So here’s some friendly happy thoughts
To wish you were better instead

Sorry to hear that you’re poorly
That you’re not your usual self
We’re sure you’ll be back on your feet soon
But please call if we can be any help

Get well soon!