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Friendship Card Making Verses


Goodbye is a horrible word
And we hope this isn’t the end
So adiós, au revoir fit much better
To say “so long, special friend”

You may not see a lot of me
But please don’t ever doubt
Just how much I love you
So don’t be shy, give me a shout

I can’t believe it’s been so long
Since we last got together
Let’s catch up, but in the meantime
You’re my in my thoughts forever

Always in my thoughts
Forever in my heart
I’ll not stop thinking of you
For this time while we’re apart

Holidays and high days
Or when I’m really rather blue
I can’t think of a time when
My day’s not better for seeing you

I may not have a boyfriend
I may not be in love
But I’m glad to have a friend like you
As if you’re sent from up above

We talk like we were sisters
About life and work and hair
And I know that if I need you
You’re the one who’ll always be there

Happy Valentines Day
to a special friend

From the day I was born
You have always been there
Offering love and support
To show that you care

With each year that I’ve grown
You’ve been by my side
A companion in joy
And a nurse to my pride

You’re not just a mother
You’re also a friend
Someone to laugh with
On whom I depend

I would just like to say
As it’s been on my mind
Thank you for everything
You’re one of a kind

Happy Mother’s Day

Like a soothing bubble bath
Like a mug of hot cocoa
You’re always there when I need you
How you do it, no-one knows

No-one else can ever read me
No-one else can ever see
All my deepest darkest secrets
And all the good you find in me!

You always know where I’m coming from
You always know what I mean
Your agreement and unending support
Is great for the self-esteem

Always there whenever I need you
Never letting me fall
Thank you for being my friend
And being there whenever I call

On the very first day of school
You came over and you said ‘hi’
You let me share your baby doll
And in summer we played in the pool

Now we’ve grown so much older
But our friendship remains strong
Through good and bad you stood by me
Helped make that shy girl bolder

Without you I might not be here
But in a very different place
So I’m glad through the years we’ve grown closer
And my best friend has always stayed near

Like disco lights on a Friday night
Your friendship shines so very bright
Like candy floss, a fairground treat
You bring to my life something so sweet
Like a diary with a key to lock
I know my secrets you’ll never mock

So thank you for being my best friend
And the best friend I ever could ask for!

You’ve been my friend all year long
And now it’s Christmas time
And so you know how special you are
Here’s a little rhyme

I’ve never had a better pal
You surpass the rest
If there was a test for first-rate mate
You’d come out best!

So thanks for all you’ve done for me
I never will forget it
Have a very Merry Christmas
And enjoy every minute

Cheers! I’ll drink to that
Raise a toast with all my friends
Thanks for being in my life
With you the party never ends!

When no-one else believed in me
You helped me prove them wrong
I’ve always known my secret’s safe
With you the whole day long

We have such fun, whatever we do
With you there’s always laughter
I can talk for hours just to you,
Maybe it’s because you’re a crafter!

Cheers! I’ll drink to that
Good food with my good friends
Thanks for being in my life
With you the party never ends!

Thank you so much
For being a good friend
Without you I’m sure
That my world would end!

You’ve helped me through good times
You’ve helped me through the bad
You’ve laughed when I’ve been happy
And you’ve held me when I’m sad

You are my very best friend
My buddy and my pal
So I want to thank you for everything
My friend and my best gal!

So you haven’t got a boyfriend
And no you’re not a wife
But do you really want a man
To rearrange your life!

We always have a good time
I think we get on great
And as, like you, I’m single
I am glad that you’re my mate

A friend since the day we met
I hope we’ll never part
Because you will always hold
A special place in my heart

You’ve seen me through some tough times
And we’ve partied through the good
Our lives have been entwined
And you’ve always understood

I hope one day to repay
All that you’ve given me
The strength, support, unending fun
All that friendship’s meant to be!

You may not realise
How important you are
How you’ve helped me
To come so far
Your support is great
You’re the key to my fate
For everything you do, I say ‘ta’!

Thanks for being my best friend

Happy days are here
Whenever you are near
Whether happy, sad or blue
So please never fear
About our friendship, my dear
I’ll always be there for you

Friends like you are rare to find
A diamond in the rough
I know you’ll always be there for me
In good times and the tough

You find the right words every time
With you there’s always fun
You know just how to cheer me up
My buddy, my pal, my chum!

You’ve helped me at my worst
Shared in my very best
I’m so thankful you are my friend
Because you surpass the rest

T is for thankful
for all the things you’ve done
H is for hugs
yours are second to none
A is for awesome
you are top of the pops!
N is for nattering
our chatter never stops
K is for kindness
you’re selfless through and through
S is for special
there’s no better friend than you

Thank you for being my friend

A happy, happy birthday
To you my best, best friend
I hope your day is jolly
From the start, right to the end

You’re my best friend and my buddy
You’re my up when I’m all down
Whatever happens in my life
I’m always glad when you’re around

Thanks for always being there