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Father’s Day Card Making Verses

Father’s Day

Dad, I know it’s always been tough
For you to say how you feel
We’re not any good at mushy stuff
But our bond is forever and real

Daddy dear, I know it’s tough
For you to say you love me
We’re not very good at mushy stuff
But don’t forget that I agree!

Happy Father’s Day
To my one and only daddy
Thanks for always being there
For always making us happy

Dad, I hope you know
Just how much I do love you
It’s sometimes hard to say
But thanks for everything you do

I look up to you, like no other
I’m so proud of you and of my mother
Growing up, you were my hero
Whether you said yes or a scary no!
I love you dad, and I’m sending your way
My love and thanks this Father’s Day

You were the one who picked me up
When I fell down and banged my knee
You gave me cuddles when I was blue
And loved me unconditionally

You were the one who told me stories
Before I could read them on my own
You fed and watered and clothed me
Now you’re my hero on the end of the phone!

Sorry I can’t be there for Father’s Day!

I’m an adult and I’ve grown up
No longer Daddy’s little girl
But however old I’ve gotten
You’re still my entire world

My guiding light, my one confessor
I rely on your advice
I thank you for always being there
Dependable, trusting and nice!

Happy Father’s Day

Happy Father’s Day
To the best man in my life
I know I can always trust you
You’ve help me through every strife

If I had trouble at school
And when my heart got broken
No matter how upset I felt
It was ok, dad’s arms were open!

I remember when I’d hold your hand
And look up to your smiling face
I remember twirling in your arms
You cheering when I won the race

I may not hold on so tight today
And I may be at eye level
But nothing will ever mean so much
As my handsome old man, you devil!

Happy Father’s Day!

Happy Father’s Day
Put your feet up, and enjoy
Lets us spoil you today
It’s our chance to treat you, boy!

On this Father’s Day
I’m taking the chance to say
There’s no other dad the same
With arms so wide
Or words so true
Cos you’re my dad I shout hooray!

Daddy, you’re my dearest
You mean the world to me
In kindness you are unsurpassed
I can trust you utterly

Now that it’s your special day
I just want to say thank you
For all the things you’ve done
For me, and for my family, too

Happy Father’s Day