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Engagement Card Making Verses


Congrats on the fab news
You’re engaged, it’s all official
Soon you’ll be getting married
Your new life will be very special!

Please don’t ever think
That you’re not on my mind
I’m thinking of you daily
Stronger ties could never bind

On your finger there’s a rock
You will soon be getting married
You’re picking out your frock
Over the threshold you’ll be carried

But in the fuss please don’t forget
What brought you both together
More than gifts, a cake or flowers,
Yours is a love to last forever

Congratulations on your engagement

Congratulations on your engagement
Better news I never did hear
I know you’ll be very happy
And your days will be full of cheer

I’m so very glad you recognise
That love is not a game
But you can commit to each other
While still living in the fast lane

Togetherness and hugs
All the little everyday things
Will make your future oh-so happy
And make your hearts forever sing

and warm wishes for your future

Your love unites you
In ways others can only dream
It’s like a fairytale
What a relationship can mean

Your love unites you
But not only to each other
You’ll soon be family
Linked to mother, sister, brother

Your love unites you
Closer than ever before
Your bond will never be broken
Of that much we are sure

Congratulations on your engagement

Although people scoff
At love at first sight
You two are a pair
Who could prove that it’s right

Now you’re making it official
Declaring your love
And it’s easy to see
That it’s sent from above

Congratulations on your engagement

Wishing you years of happiness
To last forever after
And a lifetime filled with love
With compassion and with laughter

We stocked up on confetti
On the day that you first met
It was clear to see
It was meant to be
You two are such a safe bet

Congrats on your engagement!

No greater excitement
No greater journey
Ever begun
Than your marriage to be

No greater emotion
No greater tie
Joining together
Our lives side by side

Congrats on your engagement!

A truer love I never saw
A couple united to the core
Together forever
Unhappy never
Two as one forever more

Congrats on your engagement!

Now you’re engaged to be married
Your lives to be joined as one
I wish you the best for your future
May your journey together be fun

Whether your wish is to buy a house
Or have kids and a family
A happier union there never was
Nor will there ever be

I heard the news today
And of this much I am sure
You’re marrying my brother
You’ll be my sister-in-law

So welcome to the family
You’ll soon be one of us
Congrats on your engagement
I think a party’s a must!