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Christmas Card Making Verses


I’m thinking of you, dear
At this very special time
Wishing you a Merry Christmas
With this card and simple rhyme

Father Christmas is coming
Reindeer ready to go
We’re wishing for a white Christmas
Just hoping it will snow!

We wish you a very happy Christmas
‘Tis the season of goodwill
No matter how old we get
We stilol enjoy that seasonal thrill

Christmas comes just once a year
I’m so very glad you will be here
It’s simply not the same without you
No-one else ever brings any booze!

Christmas is coming
Excitement is growing
Family is coming
Under the tree, presents showing

May every moment of this season
Bring you joy and laughter
And once this Christmas is over
May it leave you happy ever after!

Christmas is here so let us be merry
Toast to the year with a large glass of sherry
Join in the carols, have a good sing
Enjoy the glad tidings this season will bring

Christmas is here, so let us be glad
For the days we have spent, the fun we have had
Cross our fingers for snow, listen to the choir
Eat a mince pie and reminisce by the fire

Christmas is here, and I’d just like to say
I hope that you have a marvellous day
Have a great time with those who are dear
A big Merry Christmas and I’ll see you next year

Each Christmas that passes us by
I’m reminded how blessed we are
I’m reminded we’ve come so far
I’m reminded of all the happy times
Of all the laughter, dancing and rhymes

Each Christmas that passes us by
I’m reminded of every we’ve done
I’m reminded of all that’s to come
I’m reminded how lucky that you’re in my life
My beautiful, darling, fabulous wife

Christmas is fast approaching
Presents wrapped and cards are sent
Christmas is fast approaching
And under the mistletoe
my knee is bent…

December means it’s Christmas,
A time for being jolly
You’ve made a yummy festive pud
And topped it off with holly

Pressies are wrapped, under the tree
A turkey defrosts in the fridge
The only challenge to overcome
Is bedtime with the kids!

Have a very Merry Christmas

You’ve been my friend all year long
And now it’s Christmas time
And so you know how special you are
Here’s a little rhyme

I’ve never had a better pal
You surpass the rest
If there was a test for first-rate mate
You’d come out best!

So thanks for all you’ve done for me
I never will forget it
Have a very Merry Christmas
And enjoy every minute

It’s Christmas time again
And Santa will soon be here
A noise on the roof
And the scuff of a hoof
Are all that tells us he’s near

It’s Christmas time again
And Santa knows if you’ve been good
So you’d better be nice
And quiet as mice
And he’ll bring the best goodies he could

Happy Christmas!

I know that at this time of year
You’re always very busy
Just thinking of the things you do
Can sometimes makes me dizzy!

You make each Christmas magical
You really are the best
Only one thing you don’t get right
So, mum – sit down! And rest!

Christmas comes but once a year
And I’m sorry you’re not here
But I hope that you’ll enjoy it
Celebrate the season in high spirits

Gifts are wrapped, the cake is iced
Just one task left to do
That’s to write this Christmas card
With love, from me, to you!

I’m sorry this card’s a tad late
But it’s sent with nothing but love
Sending you seasonal wishes for
Christmas blessings from up above

Wishing you health
And wealth
And happiness
For the coming year
May this Christmas be spent
With all your loved ones near

I’m so sorry I can’t be home
To celebrate with you this year
But I wish you a Happy Christmas
And promise soon I will be near

Christmas comes but once a year
And I hope that yours is great
Enjoy like it’s your first one ever
‘Cos you deserve it, mate!

All I want for Christmas
Is to spend it happily
Surrounded by much love
And by friends and family

All I want for Christmas
Is to wish for you the same
To spend it somewhere special
Where everybody knows your name

Wishing you a very
Merry Christmas!

Christmas time is here once more
It’s a time everyone adores!
So hang your stocking, trim the tree
And don’t forget the shopping spree!

When the 25th comes round again
It brings with it a great joy
For many, many years ago
Was born a baby boy

From His meek and humble birth
To death upon a cross
His Christmas present to the world
Will never be surpassed

So at this special time of year
I just wanted to say
“Blessings of the season,
on this and every day”

Merry Christmas

It’s Christmas time again
And Santa knows if you’ve been good
So you’d better be nice
And quiet as mice
And he’ll bring the best goodies he could

Happy Christmas!

It’s that special time of year again
Toys and presents on the brain
It’s time to shop
Dance and bop
Sing, long live Santa’s reign!

Merry Christmas

It’s sunny and it’s warm
But it’s Christmas none the less
All that matters, I’m here with you
This Christmas is the best!

It’s that special time of year
When Santa Claus is near
We’re listening for reindeer
And can’t wait till you’re here!

Happy Christmas

Christmas is a special time
A time for parties, laughs and wine
Christmas is a special time
A time I’m so thankful you are mine

Star light shining bright
Reminds us of a special night
When a baby boy was born
For the world on Christmas morn

The party season’s here at last
Posh frocks and cake and wine
But the best thing this happy time of year
Is knowing that you are mine

Merry Christmas

A Christmas message from all of us
We hope you have great fun
With turkey, carols, treats galore
And lots of presents for everyone

May your Christmas be white
And your days be merry
May your tree lights burn bright
Topped with a pretty fairy

May your Christmas be white
And your memories be forever
May your family gather tight
To celebrate together

Merry Christmas & a Happy New Year

Season’s Greetings, Merry Christmas
I hope your Yule is cool!
Here’s to a most joyous day
I’m sure you’ll have a ball

It’s Christmas time again
And Santa will soon be here
A noise on the roof
And the scuff of a hoof
Are all that tells us he’s near

In a stable long ago
Baby Jesus was born, you know
Shepherds left their flocks to see
Wise kings visited too, all three

So as Christmas day draws near
I pray yours is full of cheer
Peace and joy, and hope and love
All sent from our gentle Lord above

A tree bedecked with tinsel
A gift tied in a bow
A stocking full of candy
A garden layered in snow

My Christmas wishes just for you
Because I dearly love you so

Merry Christmas to you my friend
I hope you have a ball
Deck the house with boughs of holly
And don’t forget the hall!

For this Christmas I have made
A wish that’s just for you
That your day is filled with love
And your new year too

The halls are decked
The presents are wrapped
The tree is dressed
And the turkey is done

I can’t wish you enough
Happiness this year
And I truly do wish you
Lots of Christmas fun!

It’s not about the presents
The pudding or the tree
It’s all about the LOVE
So here’s some LOVE for you, from me

Merry Christmas

I hope this Christmas season
Sees your wishes all come true
That’s only fair for someone
Who’s as wonderful as you

C is for children
their laughter is so merry
H is for holly
with it’s bright red scarlet berry
R is for robin
his red breast is aglow
I is for ice crystals
sparkling on the snow
S is for Santa’s sleigh
how sweetly the bells ring
T is for all the toys
that merrily he will bring
M is for ‘mmmm’
as we sit down at the table
A is for all being here
Together if we’re able
S is for special
the most special time of year!

… So join me in raising a
bright and festive Christmas cheer!

At Christmas time, it can be hard
To be so far apart
But please remember that you’re always
Held close in my heart

It’s Christmas again
Here comes the snow
You’d better be good
Or Santa will know!

Be in bed sound asleep
When he comes a-knocking
So he knows you’ve been good
And fills up your stocking

Have a great day
Full of joy and good cheer
Merry Christmas my friend
And a Happy New Year!

It means so much at Christmas
To have a special mum like you
To love me on this special day
And then the whole year through

Wishing you a Christmas
That’s special all the way
From receiving your first card
Right through to Boxing Day!

Christmas is a-coming
Excitement levels riding high
May your holidays be merry
And your shopping fly right by!

This card is very special
As I handmade it all myself
I’m sending it with Christmas cheer
To sit upon your shelf!