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Christening Card Making Verses


For every little finger
And for every little toe
We send wishes for this baby
Who we love more than she can know

A special wish for you from us
As you receive your blessing
May your life be happy and grand
The possibilities leave us guessing

A wish for you and your little one
For his life, that’s just begun
Enjoy this special Christening day
With everyone who’ll love him always

This Christening wish
Is just for you,
Our precious little baby,
And for everything you’ll do

Today’s the day we wish
Your baby happiness ever after
A life guided by the Lord
Filled with love, smiles & laughter

Enjoy your Christening

Every little detail
Of that beautiful, tiny face
Leads us to pray for you
A life that’s filled with grace

With love on your Christening Day

A Christening is a special day
When we love and sing and pray
For a life that’s filled with grace
A life beautiful as your little face

A Christening wish
Is sent with love
And many blessings
From high up above

I heard the news today
And of this much I am sure
You’re marrying my brother
You’ll be my sister-in-law