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Birthdays (& belated) Card Making Verses

Birthdays (& belated)

Have a very happy birthday
A day that’s just for you
Make sure you get the best from it
And enjoy everything you do

Have a very happy birthday
I hope that it’s your best
I hope that your party
Is so much better than all the rest

Wishing you a happy birthday
You’ve finally turned thirty
You’ve not let a number get to you
Still fearless, feisty and flirty

It’s your birthday today
The dreaded 3-0
But who needs to grow up
Let’s party, let’s go!

It’s your birthday today
The dreaded big 5-0
You’re looking fantastic
And to ageing, you’ve said “no”!

It’s your birthday today
The dreaded three-zero
But a number changes nothing
You’ll always be my hero!

Today you’re turning thirty
But there’s no need to fear
Although you won’t believe me
It all gets better from here!

Wishing you a happy birthday
And a fabulous year to come
May your day exceed your wishes
And your year be second to none

Happy Sweet Sixteen
Today is all about you
Wishing you a very special day
Gifts, friends and parties, too!

Happy birthday to you
Mashed potatoes and stew
We’ll make you a special dinner
And we’ve bought presents too!

Oops! I’m sorry I’m late
I never forget a date!
But I would like to say
Hope you had a great day
Think I owe you a present now, mate!

I know you think I fuss too much
That I need to let you be
But no matter where you go in life
I’ll always be your Mummy

I only comment because I care
Because you’re a part of me
And I wouldn’t have it any other way
Because I love you whole heartedly

To my special daughter
On your birthday

Although you are fully grown,
It feels like yesterday to me
That you and your teddy bear
Were sitting on my knee

I’d read you bedtime stories
Put bubbles in your bath
And even being naughty
You’d always make me laugh

But my, how the years have flown
And now you’re 21
Daughter I’m so very proud
Of who and what you have become

Happy 21st Birthday

Baby you are one today
The time has really flown
You’ve changed so much along the way
And, my how you have grown!

Happy 1st Birthday

Plenty at twenty
You knew how to have fun
Flirty at thirty
Why settle for just one?
Naughty at forty
Doing things you shouldn’t have done
Over the years you’ve been them all
So here’s to you –
Fab at fifty!


It’s your birthday, now you’re 21
An adult through and through
So here’s to years of happiness
And all your dreams come true

Happy 21st Birthday!

Today you are 21
Which means you’re all grown up
May you celebrate in style
May the bubbles fill up your cup

Another year older, my how you’ve grown!
Still remember first taking you home
Now you’re too big to fit on my lap
No longer need a mid-morning nap
We just want to tell you, on your birthday
You’re still our baby, in every way!

Rather than say that you’re older
That you’ve lost your mystique or your smoulder
I think I’ll be kind
And watch my behind
By saying you’re wiser and bolder

I ignore the comfy shoes you now buy
And those cute little lines round your eyes
You look quite divine
After three glasses of wine
And a full-strength tub of hair dye!

Happy Birthday!

Although to me, you’re special all year
Today is especially poignant
So I hope my gifts make you grin from ear to ear
And your day’s filled with enjoyment

A birthday comes just once a year
So my advice to you
Is make sure every moment counts
And smile the whole day through!

Wishing you a happy birthday
A day like no other
We’ll work to make it special
For our very special mother

It’s your birthday today
Hip hip hooray
Three cheers for you, dearest
Celebrate with your nearest

Balloons, presents, plenty of cake
All the things that a birthday make
We hope your day is filled with fun
With many happy years to come

Lots of jelly
Lots of cake
Today’s your day
So have a break

Dad, you’re one of a kind
And today is all about you
You’re always on my mind
So it’s only right I visit, too!

Happy birthday!

If everyone had friends like you
The world would be happy, it’s true
Always there when I need you most
So on your birthday I’m raising a toast

It may be cold outside
Frosty and dark with a chill
But I’d like to take a chance to say
I that think you are brill

My house is warm and cosy
Made better in every way
By sharing in your happiness
On this your special birthday

May you enjoy every happiness
And all your wishes come true

Happy Birthday!

Grab yourself a toy boy
And a tiny mini skirt
Let him drive you in his sports car
Then come back and dish the dirt!

It’s time to celebrate in style
Fun and frolics all the way
Today you hoped would never come
It’s your fab fiftieth birthday!

Happy Birthday! Time for fun
Have a great day, from everyone

You don’t like us to say
Just how great you are
So as today is your birthday
We’ll just shout it from afar!

Many happy returns of the day

Improving with each year that passes
Mother Nature is surely your friend
So enjoy your birthday celebrations
May the happiness you feel never end

Here is a note right from the heart
‘Cos that is where best wishes start
I hope great things come your way
To make this birthday a lovely day

You bring a smile to our face
And joy to our days
A real ray of sunshine
In so, so many ways

Have a very happy birthday
And we hope that you know
You’ve become a wonderful person
With each year you have grown

Happy Birthday!

There’s cause for celebration
and here’s the reason why -
Let’s hear it for the birthday girl
and raise our glasses high!

Hip hip hooray
Three cheers for you
It’s your birthday today
Let’s celebrate, too

A pile of presents just for you
A special tasty cake
It’s your birthday all day through
So lots of fuss we’ll make!

A hug when I’m down
Your words spur me on
Whenever I need you
You always come right along

So I’m wishing you a great day
To only pamper yourself
And I’ll raise a glass
To toast to your good health

Happy birthday!

Today it is your special day
I hope you have a blast
I wish you love in every way
And memories that last

Sorry I forgot the day
My brain’s a bit of a sieve
If I can make it up just tell me how
I’ll try for as long as I live

Happy belated birthday

Birthday boy your day is here
You’ve been waiting the whole year
Now it’s time for presents and cake
Another year down, let’s celebrate

You may be pushing sixty
But there’s no stopping you
Feather boas, disco dancing
A party animal through and through

Happy birthday!

Mum I always love you
But I don’t tell you enough
So on your birthday
I’m sending your way
Hugs, kisses and soppy stuff!

Hip hip hooray
It’s your birthday today
Put your money away
There’s no need to pay

We’ve bought you presents
And made you a card
So now’s the time
For you to party hard!

We’d like to raise our glasses
And say a toast to you
For today it is your birthday
So we’ll spoil and pamper you

It’s your birthday, time to dance
Don’t hesitate, now’s your chance
To swing your hips
And fling your kicks
Around the floor we’ll watch you prance

On your birthday you will find
That everyone is extra kind
They’ll bring presents, yummy cake
And clean up all the mess you make

But since no one’s as special as you
I’ll treat you like this the whole year through!

We’ve bought you a million razors
At least 50 pairs of socks
So Dad for this birthday
We’re just going to say
It’s true, you know - you rock

Lots of laughter
Lots of jelly
Today’s your day
So give it some welly!

Happy Birthday

A birthday wish that’s just for you
I hope you have a ball
Stuff yourself with jelly and cake
Because today you rule!

It’s your birthday, time to have fun
As always, you’re our number one
We’ve bought the gifts
And sent the card
Now it’s time the party begun

Birthdays come but once a year
And we couldn’t forget
So have no fear
The presents are waiting
The cake’s on its way
So sit down, relax
Let us spoil you, dear!

Happy Birthday

It’s your birthday
So don’t be blue
You’re a year older
But wiser too

Have a happy day
With cake and booze
And all the best things
We’re wishing for you

On your birthday it’s party time
Celebrations with cake and wine
So put on a smile
And dance a while
Like a star you will brightly shine

Many happy returns of the day
And much, much more to come
I hope you enjoy your special day
Cos you’re such a special mum

Happy birthday!

Rather than call you Jurassic
Be mean or tease you my dear
I’ll say that your beauty is classic
Better with each passing year

Happy Birthday!

I know I do not say it enough
But mum / dad I do love you
On your birthday I want you to know
How much I appreciate you, too

A mum like you is hard to find
Generous, loving, sweet and kind
So on your birthday we will say
Three cheers for you, hip hip hooray

A birthday wish that’s just for you
I hope you have a ball
Fill your face with jelly and cake
Today you can have it all!

Happy birthday, it’s party time
Light the candles, pour the wine
I hope you have a fantastic day
Lots of reasons to shout “Hooray!”

Happy Birthday

Although you’re a year older
There’s no need to frown
Because though your age is going up
Your maturity’s going down!

Have a very Happy Birthday!

A happy, happy birthday
To you my best, best friend
I hope your day is jolly
From the start, right to the end

A person who’s as lovely as you
Deserves a wonderful day
So here’s a special handmade card
To start you on your way

We’ve bought you lots of presents
And we’ve even baked a cake
Because it’s your birthday and we have to say
You’re really, really great!

Happy Birthday!

Birthdays are for celebration
Opening presents, relaxation!
So here’s a wish for your special day
Have a great time in every way

By my side you’ve always been
Through bad times and the good
So sister on your special day
Spoil yourself – you should!