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Babies & Births Card Making Verses

Babies & Births

A baby on the way
The very best news
Has made our day!

Announcing the arrival
Of our beautiful baby girl
You’ve never seen anything so precious
Or more loved in this whole world

To let you know he’s here at last
Our bonny bouncing son
Brings us so much joy today
As he’s our sweetest number one

A bundle of love, yours for keeps
For her, you’d do anything
As you watch her grow
You’ll be brimming with pride
At all the happiness she brings

Congratulations, it’s a boy
Your very own bundle of joy
To love, spoil and play

A cuter face I’ve never seen
Even when he starts to scream
He’s a treasure to behold every day

Bringing happiness, smiles and love
As if he was sent from above
He’s truly special in every way


It’s gone so fast and now she’s here
Your precious first-born baby girl
All wrapped up, with hands so small
Rosy cheeks and hair in curls


Even though you’re far away
So we can’t share in your time of joy
Please know we are celebrating too
The birth of your new baby boy

May he be happy and bonny and blithe
And healthy and wealthy and wise
We know for sure nothing will beat
The first time you look into his eyes

Congratulations and all our love
at this precious time

Congratulations, we’re all so proud
She really is a dear
The last nine months were such a whirl
And now she’s finally here

Good luck to you, and the little one
May the future days be sweet
Because after waiting all this time
Your family is now complete!

The stalk has been and delivered
Although it’s really not that simple
It’s true when they say it’s all worth it
Like when you see that first dimple

Giggles and smiles warm our hearts
Even throw-up and nappies can’t dampen
Our joy over the happy event
It’s the best thing ever to happen

Congrats on the new addition
to your family

We’re so proud to announce
A new member in our family
Our beautiful bouncing boy
Our precious little baby!

To let you know she’s here at last
Our bonny bouncing girl
We simply couldn’t be happier
Or feel more love in this world

We’re so pleased to announce
The arrival of our baby boy
Ten fingers and ten tiny toes
And a face that could never annoy

Your news is so wonderful
A little baby girl to love
A beautiful present from up above
Here’s wishing you joy, years of fun
Now that you have a little one

Congratulations on the birth
I couldn’t believe when I heard
You look like a child yourself
Didn’t even know you had a bird!

But now you’re the head of a family
The responsible bread-winning man
Heaven help your wife through the trouble
That has always arisen at your hands

Congratulations on becoming a dad!

Over the months
We’ve watched you grow
Smile and blossom
This much we know
A better mum there never could be
To your happy and healthy new baby


Cute and cuddly and tiny
A greater miracle could never be
We’re so very pleased for you both
You’ll be a very happy family

Congratulations on the birth!

It’s twins, my goodness
What a surprise!
Double the trouble
But double the highs!

You’re blessed and so lucky
But it’s been quite a shock
So I’ll be here to help you
I’ll be your rock

Congratulations on the happy news

A new life’s begun
Your bundle of joy
So cute and coy
Congrats to you now, Mum!

Of course there will be crying
Dirty nappies by the score
But don’t forget cuddles
And a love to last forever more


More precious than any jewels
Than all the gold in the world
So we’re thrilled to hear the news
And can’t wait to have a hold!

Congratulations on the safe arrival

Baby you are here at last
We can’t wait to finally meet
You’re sure to be adorable
From wide eyes to tiny feet

We hear congrats are in order
On the birth of your sweet little one
Your days will be filled with joy
In the many happy years to come

We hope she looks just like her mum
And not too much like her daddy
But whoever she is and whatever she does
We know you’ll all be very happy

on the birth of your daughter

Today you’ve been promoted
To your brand new role as nanny
We know that you’ll be great
And you’ll do a great job, granny!

Announcing the arrival
Of our beautiful baby boy
You’ve never seen anyone so adorable
Our precious bundle of joy

Your wishes all came true
In one day of very good news
Now nine months on
She’s finally here
Your baby, so loved
And so very dear


We’re so pleased to announce
The arrival of our baby girl
Ten finger and ten tiny toes
And the most beautiful face in the world

Congratulations on the birth
Of your beautiful baby boy
What a treasure you surely have
In your precious bundle of joy