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Easy Rolled Paper Roses

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Show your loved ones just how much you care with delicate folded flowers

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Make a Paper Houseplant

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“Swiss cheese vine, also known as Monstera obliqua, is one of the plants I have long coveted and delighted in. I love how expressive and different each leaf is. The “Swiss cheese” holes always vary in size and location on the leaves, giving each leaf its own personality. It takes patience and finger strength to cut out all the holes, but the results are worth it. I’ve styled the plant in a pot, but it would also look great in a hanging basket, or in any place where it can show off its flamboyant character.” Corrie Beth Hogg, Author

Taken from Handmade Houseplants by Corrie Beth Hogg. Photography by Christine Han. £14.99 (Timber Press)

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