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Offer birthday wishes with these shining, nature-inspired sentiments

What you need...
  • Stamps: Lindsay Mason, Zendoodles Flower (CICSA6187); Zendoodles Butterflies Ready to Go (CICSA6243); Crafty Impressions, Everyday
    Messages (CICSA6141)
    Viva Decor Paper Soft: Sunny Yellow, Sea Blue
    Viva Decor 3-D Stamp Paint: White, Light Blue Metallic, Gold
    Viva Decor Maya Gold: Ice Blue, Turquoise
    Viva Decor Pearl Pen, Pastel Blue
    Ink-pad, black
    Card: white, yellow, blue
    Pen: liner, fine, black; colouring
    Ribbon: blue, yellow
    Lolly stick
    Foam pads, 3-D
  1. Flower Card - 1 Apply Stamp Paint onto white card thickly using a lolly stick, blending the three colours in places. Allow to dry, then tear the card into a rough 11cm x 16cm rectangle.

    2 Adhere the painted panel onto yellow card, 11.5cm x 16.5cm, and secure a length of yellow ribbon around the width, 4.5cm up from the bottom. Using a sponge, apply blue Paper Soft around the edges of a 13cm x 18cm card blank before adhering the matted panels to the front.

    3 Stamp the Zendoodle Flower onto white card and create patterns in the blank sections with black pen. Stamp 'With Love' into the centre of the flower. Paint the flower centre and tendrils using gold Stamp Paint thinned with water.

    4 Cut out the flower and secure to the card with 3-D foam pads. Tie a yellow bow and stick to the flower stem. Stamp 'Birthday Wishes' onto a white card panel, blending blue Paper Soft over the edges. Matt with yellow and adhere to the top of card.

  2. Floral Tag - 1 Cut 9cm x 18cm of white card into a tag shape, then apply blue and gold Stamp Paint thickly with a lolly stick. Use the end of a paintbrush handle to make swirl impressions in the paint and allow to set.

    2 Stamp two Zendoodle Flowers onto white card. Add stripes around the flower centres and dots on the petals using black pen. Apply patterns to the leaves.

    3 Spread a thin layer of turquoise Maya Gold onto your work surface. Press a sentiment stamp into this and apply to the flower centre. Repeat on the second flower with a different sentiment and use the remaining paint to colour the stripes.

    4 Colour the flower petals and leaves in yellows and greens then cut out, omitting the stem and tendrils. Bend the petals upwards and stick the flowers to the tag, slipping leaves beneath. Tie yellow and blue ribbons to the top of the tag.

  3. Butterfly Card - 1 Apply white Stamp Paint thickly to white card, 14cm square, and allow to set. Once dry, use a sponge to blend yellow and blue Paper Soft over the surface to pick up the textures. Matt onto blue card, then onto a 15cm square white card blank.

    2 Stamp the Zendoodle Butterflies onto white card. Use yellow colouring pens on some of the patterns, then paint the remaining areas with blue and turquoise Maya Gold. Colour over some of the yellow areas with gold Stamp Paint thinned with water.

    3 Cut out the butterflies, omitting the antennae, and bend the wings upwards. Stick them onto the card front using 3-D foam pads beneath the wings. Adhere slivers of blue card beneath the heads to replace feelers.

    4 Spread turquoise Maya Gold onto your work surface and use it to stamp 'Happy Birthday' onto a small white panel. Matt with yellow, then blue, and stick to the top of the card. Add lines of small dots below the butterflies using a Pearl Pen.

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