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Wire Rosettes Bangle

Designer: Corinne Bradd
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What you need...
  • FINDINGS Wire, 2mm: aluminium, turquoise, pink, purple, green, lime, silver, copper, Soutache or ribbon, celery, Cord ends, fold over, Clasp, lobster

  • TOOLS Pliers, nylon coated: round-nosed; flat-nosed, Cutters, heavy duty, Mandrel, 21cm diameter
  1. Cut 117.5cm of wire and wrap twice around a mandrel or round object that is 21cm in diameter (such as a drink can). Twist the two ends together. Form a rosette as described above; if you do this while the bangle is still on the mandrel, it is easier to create a flat shape. Leave a tail long enough to wrap three times around the main part of the bangle. Cut off now if you wish to add in another colour.

  2. o remove the bangle from the former, cut through both wires at the centre of the back. If only making a single colour bangle, wrap the tails until you have a neat finish. Trim the wire neatly at the back and press in flush with flat-nosed pliers to avoid leaving any sharp ends, which can also be filed off.

  3. To make a two-tone bangle, cut 64cm of contrast colour wire. Starting on one side next to the three wraps and using the one end at the middle of the contrast wire, make a small rosette, then wrap 14 times around the bangle, finishing off as before. When wrapping over the bangle, try to keep the main two wires as flat as possible for a neat finish.

  4. Complete the other side of the two-tone bangle in the same way, using the remaining wire end to wrap over the main colour a couple of times. Bring it under the rosette and repeat to match. To finish off the back of the bangle, turn a decorative loop on each of the four cut ends.

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