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Windblown Quilt

Designer: Corinne Bradd
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Snuggle in front of the TV under our cosy patchwork cover

What you need...
  • 20 assorted fabrics, 27.5cm x 50cm of each
  • Border fabric, 25cm x width
  • White cotton sheeting, 2m
  • 2oz quilt wadding, 1.5cm
  • Dimensions: 1.03m x 1.38m
  1. 1. Choose fabrics similar to the following five shades; white, yellow, light blue, dark blue and red. Cut four white, four yellow, four light blue, two dark blue and two red 9cm squares. Mark a diagonal pencil line on the back of the eight blue and red squares [1].

    2. Pair up the squares, right sides together, white and red, white and dark blue, white and pale blue x 2, yellow and pale blue x 2, yellow and red, yellow and dark blue. Stitch the pairs together 5mm either side of the pencil line [2]. Cut along the middle.

    3. Open out the resulting half square triangles (HST) and press the seams to the darker side of the squares [3]. Arrange the HSTs as shown on the layout provided on the pattern pages and stitch together in pairs. Sew the pairs together to make squares and join them into a full block.

    4. Create 12 windblown square blocks from four different colour combinations and arrange in a three x four layout. Cut 4cm wide strips of white cotton sheeting and use these as sashing to join the blocks into strips. Join the strips into a quilt top with more sashing and add a white border all round.

    5. Press the entire quilt top. Lay wadding onto white cotton backing fabric and place the quilt on top. Pin the three layers together at regular intervals and trim the wadding and backing 2cm larger than the quilt. Top stitch the layers together around the separate blocks, starting from the centre and working out in all directions. Zig zag stitch the fabrics together at the edge of the quilt and cut away the excess.

    6 Cut 3cm wide strips of patterned border fabric and join end to end to make a continuous piece 5m long. Pin and stitch the border to the back of the quilt, right side facing, mitring the corners. Turn to the right side of the quilt, fold under 5mm along the raw edge and topstitch in place, 1mm from the edge.

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