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Wash Set

Designer: Sophia Palmer
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What you need...
  • Cotton fabric: printed, plain, showerproof, towelling Machine thread
  • 26cm zip
  • Narrow cord
  • All seam allowances are 10mm unless specified.
  1. Wash Bag - 1. Using the templates, provided on the pattern pages, cut two pieces of patterned fabric from piece A and two pieces of plain fabric from piece B. With right sides together, sew the top of piece B with the bottom of piece A, then repeat with the other side. You should now have two wash bag sides; use these as a template to cut out two showerproof pieces of fabric of the same size and shape.

    2. Add the zip, lay it face down along the top of one of the outer patterned pieces, then place a piece of showerproof lining on top. Pin and use a zipper foot to sew the layers together, making sure all the raw edges are lined up with the zip sandwiched in the centre.

    3. Repeat on the other side of the zip, making sure the previous layers are all out of the way. Once attached, pull both layers away from the zip and press. Open out the layers and place right sides together, with two outers right sides together, two linings right sides together and the zip, on the inside, in the centre.

    4. Make sure the zip is open a little, then sew around the two long angled sides. Sew both bottom straight edges together, leaving a 5cm gap in the bottom of the lining pieces. Open out the two previously sewn seams, then fold into a 3D shape to join the last edges together to meet, making the corners. The previously sewn seams should be meeting in the centre.

    5. Sew across all four corner straight lines. Pull the right way round, through the gap. Press under a cloth, then top stitch the gap in the lining shut before placing the lining inside the outer bag. Press again to finish.

  2. Drawstring Soap Bag - 1. Cut a rectangle of plain fabric, 10cm x 20cm, then cut two rectangles of patterned fabric, 6cm x 10cm. With right sides together, sew the patterned rectangles to each short end of the plain rectangle. Mark 3cm from the top on each patterned rectangle.

    2. Fold the piece in half and sew both sides, stopping at the marked points, then zigzag the edges. Fold the non-sewn top side edges by 10mm, wrong sides together. Repeat on all four top side edges, then press flat.

    3. With the side edges pressed to the wrong side, fold the top edges by 1cm, then another 1cm to create a rolled hem along the top. Sew both rolled hem tops close to the open folded edges, then turn the bag the right way round and press flat. Using a safety pin and cord, thread the cord through the top to create the drawstring, tying a knot to keep them together.

  3. Flannel - 1. Cut a square of towelling fabric, 35cm x 40cm, then cut strips of bias from patterned fabric, 3cm wide. Join them together to get a total of 180cm of bias. With right sides together and raw edges aligned, sew one long edge of the bias to the flannel square with a 6mm seam allowance.

    2. Fold over to the other side, fold the raw binding edge to meet the flannel raw edge, then fold over again to create a rolled edge. Press, then hand sew the folded bias edge to the back of the flannel. Press to finish.

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