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What you need...
  • BEADS Leaf, glass, 13mm x 18mm, green x 3, Round, glass: 6mm, red x 4, brown x 9; 10mm, topaz x 3, red x 4, Round, fluted, antique brass-plated, 10mm x 6

  • FINDINGS Bezels, antique brass-plated: 20mm circle; 30mm circle; 30mm x 40mm oval, Brooch back bezel, antique brass-plated, 30mm circle, Bezel ring blanks, antique brass-plated, 20mm circle,Jump rings, antique brass-plated: 5mm; 7mm; 8mm, Chain, antique brass-plated: small link; medium link, Head pins, antique brass-plated, Eye pins, antique brass-plated, Earwires, antique brass-plated, Bracelet blank with toggle clasp, antique brass-plated, Lobster clasp, antique brass-plated, Ribbon, gingham, red and white, 5mm wide

  • TOOLS Resin, glazing, Printer, inkjet, Paper, photo quality, matt coated, 170GSM, Card, inkjet printable, Cups: measuring, graded in millilitres; mixing, disposable, Sticks: lolly; cocktail, Heat gun, Paint brush, Glue, PVA, Pliers: round-nosed; flat-nosed, Cutters, wire, Blu tack, Stapler, Foam pads, double-sided, sticky
  1. Brooch Postcard - 1. Cut out one of the large circular robin images, coat the reverse with PVA, and position it into a 30mm brooch back bezel. Press down well, then leave to fully dry. Apply six coats of PVA to seal the paper, allowing it to dry between coats.

    2. Once fully dry, position a piece of blu tack beneath the brooch to ensure it's level. Pour a small amount of resin into the centre of the bezel and spread out to the edges using a lolly stick. Remove any air bubbles and leave to dry until fully set.

    3. Cut out one of the postcards and place a staple through the centre of the wreath on the right hand side of it. Open the pin back of the brooch and carefully slide underneath the staple before re-fastening. Position two double-sided sticky foam pads beneath the brooch to further secure it to the postcard.

  2. Make it yours - Add a charm bracelet and on-trend rings to your collection following the same guidelines.

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