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Personalise your tableware with an easy project

What you need...
  • White cup, saucer and side plate
  • Pebeo Porcelaine paints: Ruby Red (07), Marseille Yellow (02), Turquoise (20), Ivory (43)
  • Masking film and tape
  • Die-cut, circle
  • Sponge
  • Paintbrushes: fine; chisel-ended
  • Cotton wool buds
  • Baby wipes
  1. CHINA PAINTING - 1 Wash the crockery thoroughly with warm soapy water and leave to air dry thoroughly. For the cup, cut narrow strips of tape and mask off either side of the handle, then stick a strip 1cm from the top rim. Add another line of tape under the first if needed, so that there is a 3cm section uncovered at the base of the cup.

    2 For the saucer and side plate, make circles using a die cutter; you will need the negative part so that a disc of paint can be applied in the middle (8.3cm diameter for the saucer and 10.3cm for the plate). Add a 2cm circle of masking film to the very centre of the side plate. Apply the masks, making sure that the edges are firmly adhered to the surface.

    3 Mix the porcelain paints; a small amount of ivory needs to be combined with each of the three colours to create pink, light yellow and light turquoise. Pour and mix the paints on a white plate covered with cling film; this will prevent them from drying out as you work.

    4 Use a sponge to dab pink paint onto the unmasked centre of the side plate. Immediately afterwards, dab the paint with a dry sponge to reduce any bubbles and leave flat colour on the surface. Repeat with yellow paint in the middle of the saucer. Apply yellow to the top of the cup and turquoise to the base.

    5 If the paint has become touch dry, heat the china with a hairdryer, the the tape and film will peel off easily. However, these can also be removed when the paint is still wet. Use baby wipes to take off any colour that has bled under the masked areas, and tidy up uneven edges with a fine brush and paint.

    6 Dip a cotton wool bud into the paints and add circles of dots around the solid areas. The small dashes are formed with a chisel-ended paintbrush, either horizontally to the central circle or vertically. Leave to dry for 24 hours, then bake the china in an oven according to the paint manufacturer’s instructions.

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