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Use your funky backing papers, free with this issue, to create a stylish papercrafted set

What you need...
  • Backing papers, free with this issue of CB
  • Ribbon, purple, two shades
  • Craft knife
  • Glue-stick
  • Tape, double-sided
  • Paint, Pebeo Touch, silver metallic
  • Card blank, lilac, orange
  • Punch, circle, small
  • Pricking tool
  • Card, pink, blue
  • Paper, purple, white
  • Sticky notes
  • Tag maker, Making Memories
  1. Lilac Card - Cut out six large paisley shapes and glue to the centre of a square lilac blank, in a round, with the points inwards. Punch a tiny circle and glue to the centre of the flower shape. Trim smaller motifs and glue each colour to the card in groups of four.

    Place the blank onto a foam mat, right side uppermost. With a single needle pricking tool, pierce tiny holes all around each shape. Glue triangles of the paisley patterned paper to two opposite corners of the front of the card.

  2. Tag - Cut out four large paisley designs and glue to a pink circle of card in a round, with the points facing inwards. Punch a disc from purple paper and adhere to the centre of the resulting flower motif.

    Pierce dots at regular intervals around the edges of all shapes with a pricking tool. Attach purple ribbon to the reverse side of the pink card and glue another disc of the same colour and size over the top to hide the ends.

  3. Note Holder - Cut and score blue card to fit a square sticky note block. Attach a strip of pink circle patterned paper to the left-hand side of the front panel.

    From the text patterned paper, cut a circle around the word ‘hello’ and, using a tag maker, place inside a metal rim, then in to the machine to compress.

    Attach the disc to the right front of the blue card. Fix a strip of pink paper to the back panel, then insert the note block and secure in place.

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