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Paint this striking espresso cup and saucer and enjoy a drink in style!

What you need...
  • Espresso cup, saucer, white
  • Paints, ceramic, malachite green, ivory, citrine yellow, sapphire blue, ruby red
  • Labels, self-adhesive, 10cm x 1.6cm
  • Sponge
  • Tape, masking
  • Craft knife
  • Paint brush, fine
  • Cotton wool buds
  1. Cup and Saucer - Mask off a 0.5cm rim around the top of the cup and a wider border at the base. Also tape either side of the handle, leaving a rectangular panel around the outer surface. On the saucer, cover a 0.3cm rim around the edge. Stick the self-adhesive labels in a stepped, up-and-down row around the masked area on the cups, as shown.

    For the green paint, mix together malachite and ivory with a touch of citrine yellow and sapphire blue. For the purple, combine ruby red and ivory plus a tiny amount of sapphire blue. When you are happy with the shades, sponge the paint onto the masked areas, then dab the area immediately with a dry piece to reduce the bubbles, leaving flat colour.

    When the paint is touch-dry, carefully remove the tape and stickers. To achieve a clean line, run a craft knife along the edges first. Use a damp cotton bud to remove any colour which may have bled under the tape and labels. You may need to clean up some of the edges with a fine brush and a little more paint.

    Using the brush, form small purple spots inside the white areas left by the self-adhesive labels on the cups. Finally, leave the china to dry for 24 hours before following the manufacturer’s instructions to bake the paint onto the surface. - Espresso cup and saucer - Pebeo Porcelaine paint, sticky labels/spots and all other materials

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